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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Catch Up 

Ok, been really busy these past few days. So, I'll see if I can summarize what's been happening.

After Pride Week, pretty much nothing had happened with the exception of a birth. I'll like to extend a belated CONGRATULATIONS! to Terese and Chris on the birth of their firstborn, Skyler Christopher Elsner.

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Hopefully, I'll get to see him before they all move to Arizona.

Then, last week Friday, KT and I started working on the library room. The previous owners had designated it as a kid's playroom with bright colors or red, blue, yellow and green. We had designated it as a library but we never actually went in the room and chill out. It became a temporary storage room, more than anything else.

Previously, we had gotten paint, it think it's called Safari Beige or something like that. Well, we cleaned out the room and prepared it for painting. Applied primer and then the paint. We started out painting and then, I was like having second thoughts. Both of us were. We were like...this is more like chocolate brown. I was like...shit! Well, we went ahead and painted the rest of the room. Cliff even came over and helped out a bit.

Afterwards, we headed out to Dupont Circle for a gathering. In previous years, there used to be a small gathering of Deaf gays that would meet once a month at Starbucks to socialize. That all stopped when one guy left for a better job in another state. Well, he's back for the summer and the gathering has resumed.

I had planned to bring my camera but I thought "nah" because I didn't expect more than 8 of us to show up. Well, there were 18 of us who showed up. I was impressed. I finally got to meet Jeremy. Nice guy! We all had a great time meeting new people and catching up with news with old friends. It was just a wonderful evening.

We're definitely looking forward to next month.

Saturday, we painted a second coat in the library. I still didn't like the color. I was like...they gave us the wrong color. However, after we painted, we went out shopping. Got some stuff to add to the library. Came home and boy, it made a world of difference. Now, the paint color isn't so bad and I'm actually starting to like the color. Now, we can actually hang out in the library. Heck, even the cats are chilling out in there.

Nothing much since. Just getting ready for Deaf Day at SixFlags this Saturday. Kekua will come over tomorrow and fill me in with his recent vacation to Hawai'i. Can't wait to catch up!

There was an update news on Ulf and the courts about 3 or 4 days ago. I'll see if I can find that and post it here.

ta ta for now...