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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Get Busy 

Goodness! The Tragedy of Today's Gays by Larry Kramer was awesome! Everyone should read that, not just gay people. I want to post some excerpts here from the book but there's just so many good parts. Not only that, KT has the book right now. Maybe later tonight or tomorrow. You just gotta read it.

This small book is basically the speech given by Kramer shortly after the re-election of Bush in 2004. Remember when Bill Cosby gave a frank talk to the Black communities not too long ago? This is Kramer to the gay communities. And oh. my. God. So very frank and hit the spots accurately.

Cliff hung out with us again yesterday. We all had some serious discussions about activism. It's so easy to talk and criticize. It's takes committment to get up one's fat ass and do some serious work to get some stuff done or to get anyone to listen.

One sad thing about the Deaf Gay communities is that there doesn't seem to be any serious committment from them and keep it continuous. One thing that we've noticed, when comparing with other gay organizations, is that there is no "community center" where Deaf Gays can come in and just hang out and chill. We seem to be nothing but meetings and fundraisers. Where's the opportunity to just be oneself and relax? However, is that the answer?

Kramer said that the young generation of gays are often "lost". The reason for this was because they don't know what they want or what goals to set up and achieve. The older generation knew what they wanted. They wanted equality. They wanted recognition of their battles. They wanted access to medicine for whatever they were afflicted with. Now, what do the young queers want? What is burning within them? Or are they just too busy fucking around (barebacking, despite numerous free condoms shoved up their faces), while drunk and high to give a shit?

What I've said above doesn't do Kramer justice. You just gotta read the book. Expect to be blown away.

Moving on... On the topic of a community center, I remembered some talk a while back about one in DC. This morning KT surfed online and found one. It's a temporary "home" and expect to be settled into a permanent home later. However, one cool thing about it. Some companies will donate a percentage of your online purchase to the DC Gay Community Center. I think that is fantastic. These are well known stores across the US and some local stores in the DC Metro area. Please check it out and be sure to shop there. I just think it's fantastic!


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