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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Super Size Me 

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Finally got to watch Super Size Me. Uhhh...I don't think we'll be eating out any time soon.

Actually, I don't believe fast food restaurants are the sole factors of the nation's alarming rise of obesity. I believe that today's people just simply do not know how to pick the right foods to eat nor do they know how to limit themselves.

It's a challenge. Believe me, I know. KT and I are doing our damnest to watch what we eat and trying to shed a few pounds. Ok, for me...trying to shed LOTS of pounds.

We've been doing good. Eating less red meat, which KT and I have noticed that we've been able to do some things a little easier. Eating out less has helped us lose a few pounds as well as helping our wallets from deflating.

If you've not seen this film yet, I suggest that you do. I think you'll be surprised by some facts presented here. This film basically opened my eyes about some stuff.

As for eating out, I don't think we'll swear it off. It's just that we'll definitely be eating out less. ...and that's not a bad thing...