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Monday, August 15, 2005


The vacation to Austin was great!

Flew in Friday afternoon and spent the day with Barbie, a great friend of mine.

Saturday, KT and I drove down to San Antonio. First thing we did, when we hit town, was to stop by Mom's grave. It was a serene moment, allowing us to reflect on these 2 years that have past by so fast.

I'm gonna have to fast forward to Sunday evening because the story/dealings with my Dad is another story for another day.

Sunday evening was spent with another friend of mine, Brian, and his daughter. Monday morning, we all took a trip to the beach at Mustang Island. It was wonderful there! Not many people there, so we basically had a wide area of space...all to ourselves.

Tuesday was also spent with Brian and then we returned to Austin that evening to Barbie's place. Wednesday, KT and I just went out on our own, checking out downtown, a mall and Hippie Hollow.

Thursday was my birthday. So, Barbie and KT spent the day spoiling me, which was great. Went out for lunch and drove around town. Went to a liquor store and bought so much stuff. I dont think I've ever seen so much liquor bought at once. Went back to the house and had a party, along with Barb's hubby and a friend.

Thanks to all those who wished me a Happy Birthday! One of the best birthdays I've had.

Friday, Barbie, KT and I spent the last few hours together before flying out. We just had a great time chatting and laughing. It's only been a few days since but I already miss her terribly!

Overall, Austin is such an awesome place. I cannot believe that while I was living in San Antonio, all my life, I never really did explore around Austin, except the famed 6th Street and TSD. Anyways, the weather there was just fabulous! We love it so much that we wanna go back and visit, real soon!

Well, we flew back and we were already complaining about the humidity here in DC. UGH!

Anyways, a big THANKS to Cliff who house-sat for us while we were gone. KT and I were able to enjoy our vacation, knowing that someone was at home, taking care of the cats.

Had a delayed birthday celebration with KT, over the weekend. Got some awesome stuff! Before the vacation, KT gave me one gift, which was a book, The Chronicles of Narnia, which contained all the books of the series in one. I've really been enjoying this book. Right now, I have a really big smile on my face. I got Wonder Woman, seasons 2 and 3! *spinning* So, we have been watching some episodes and vee vee various aspects of the show.

KT is a wonderful man who loves to spoil me. I had opened the gifts and he tells me that there's more. I'm like...no, these are enough. I'm happy and no need to get me more. He just loves me so much and that makes me really content! Woof, woof to you, babe!

Now, we're both back to work. Ugh! At least, we got another weekend getaway this weekend with Manny and Kekua. That'll be fun! And then, after that, we'll have to get ready for school. That's gonna be exciting as we have one more year before we get our Master's!

Ok, ta ta for now...