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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rocker Back 

Ahh. It is so good to have our rocking recliner back!

Last year, someone broke our chair. So, we had to call Marlo to come and get it fixed, since we had a warranty on it. I have to say that while Marlo has some good selections on furniture, their customer service STINKS!

Well, KT had been calling them repeatedly to have them come and pick up the chair and get it fixed. He absolutlely HATES to call Marlo because the phone would ring for like a good half hour before being answered or he'd be on hold for that long as well. Anyways, he'll get the date set for the pick-up, which they say they'll come between 6:30am to 5pm. That's a whole day!!!

Let me go off the point here a little. It used to be that companies would give you an hour or a 2 hour frame for delivery or pick-up or whatnot. Now, they've giving you a half day frame or a full day. Comcast did the half day frame when I was waiting for them to hook up access to the Internet. They'd say 8am to noon or 1pm to 5pm.

Back to the story. The date is set for a pick-up. Guess what? They never show up. So, he'd waste a whole day for nothing. Sometimes, taking a day off from work just to allow them to come in and pick up the stuff but end up with a no-show.

Comcast did the same thing to me...twice! Apparently, with Comcast, they call back before they start the drive to your house. If there is no answer, then they cancel you and move on to the next person on the list. Explaining Relay to them does not work nor having them put down the notation in their computer that they need to call Relay to get in touch with us. It's like...why the call back? I noticed that trend was picked up here in DC. If you call for a cab, the cab company will call back to confirm that you're still interested/waiting for the ride. If not, it's dropped. It's like...hello, didn't I call for your service? Then, dammit, get your ass over here!

Well, thank God for this new AIM Relay that we have now. You just give your phone number out without having to explain Relay. Once they call, the Relay operator will reach you via AIM. Puuurfect!

Anyways, it wasn't until March that the truck from Marlo finally stopped by to pick up the chair. We substitute it with one of those video rocking chair. Our living room is small by most standards. So, we basically just have a loveseat and a chair. The loveseat is almost always occupied by me and KT. The chair for a visiting guest. Well, the video rocking chair isn't comfortable for a long period of time...like, say, watching a movie.

Anyways, it turned out to be long for the chair to be fixed. So, KT called and discovered that they hadn't even begun with the repairs. So, we gave it some time. Then, like another month went by, KT called and they were still working on it. Some time goes by, we finally get a call, after some phone tagging, that the chair was ready. Yay!

Come delivery day and it's not our chair! Wrong color! Wrong design! Boy, were we pissed! So, they take it back and KT calls back to explain. We were told to call back later as they will investigate.

Some time goes by and we call again. Apparently, they lost our chair. Eh? Apparently, they no longer make that particular design/fabric. So, in exchange, we get to go to the store and pick out a chair we wanted. So, we went last night and saw some chairs. There were some nice stuff. We were debating about getting a leather chair but I was worried about the cats. Leather and claws don't necessary mix well together. Even though it was BJ, who was put to sleep earlier this year, who acted like our seats were his scratching posts, the other cats did not do this. But still, better safe than sorry.

Anyways, so get picked out a chair that rocks and reclines like our previous chair. Then we thought...here we go again about delivery and all that shit. Actually, we were told we could bring it home that very night. So, the chair was dismantled and put in our car and away to home we go.

Ahh. So nice to have a real chair once again!

Ta ta for now...