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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I couldn't believe it when I read about this story in the Express today.

Danon Gale, of Auroro, Colorado, has finally settled with the city, which in turned blamed Chuck E. Cheese. So, what the heck am I talking about?

Back in February, Danon took his 2 kids to a local Chuck E. Cheese. He ended up being Tasered by the police. You know what for? For allegedly stealing salad.

Had a good laugh? Heh. Good. Now, let's review what happened here.

Danon, age 27, went to CEC and paid for the meals for him and his kids, 3 and 7 years old. Danon proceeded to the salad bar. A manager approached him. He believe that Danon was stealing because he wasn't using the right plate for the salad bar. The manager said that he'll get him the right plate if Danon would show a receipt to prove that he paid for it. Danon basically responded with an attitude, "get lost!" and proceeded to build his salad. The manager retaliated by saying that he'll call the police on him. Danon retorted, "go ahead, and the manager did.

The police arrived. An altercation was sparked and the police Tasered him twice, 26 watts each, in front of his kids and arrested him. Witnesses say that it was the police who started roughing up on Danon.

It was later discovered that Danon had actually paid for it. However, Danon still had to face 6 misdemeanor counts, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, each comes with a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Oh, did I mention that Danon Gale is Black? Would the manager have asked a white man to produce a proof of purchase? This caused some civil rights concerns in the city.

In exchange for Danon to drop his lawsuit against the city for $500,000, 5 counts were dropped. The 6th one was disturbing the peace, which he could plead no contest, and was fined $500. Oh yeah...the city'll pay for his medical and legal bills.

O....k! All this over a salad!

There are ways this could've been avoided. The manager could've checked with the cashier for confirmation. The manager needs to be re-brainwashed that 'customers are always right'. (Those of you who have worked in sales/retail should know that mantra.) Managers have the "authority" to make exception. So, why couldn't this manager make an exception for Danon?

Also, should Danon have had a better rein on his remarks? Who's to blame? CEC is blaming Danon for using the wrong plate. <--This link here is sarcastic and funny, which I'm sure wasn't funny for Danon and I don't think it would be for anyone in that situation. But, I just couldn't help but laugh at this columist's view.

Anyways, Danon Gale has been hailed as the new Rosa Parks. This article adds a new detail that wasn't mentioned in the provided links above. He was shoved into a pizza oven by the police before being Tasered.

Naw, Danon should've sued the city for more money and should've had the city drop ALL the charges against him. That's just plain wrong of CEC and the police!