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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

We Are Family 

A real estate firm, in McLean, Virginia, was found guilty of discrimination of gays by a human rights body.

Long & Foster Realtors discriminated against a gay couple by selling a house to a married couple, despite the fact that the gay couple were willing to shell out more money for the house.

Apparently, the owners were hoping to sell their house to a family. Obviously, a gay couple did not constitute as a family to the eyes of the owners.

Now, it's payback time! The human rights commission will be making recommendation for the penalties, which has to be made within 30 days, which can include up to $5,000 per breach.

A couple is a family, whether they be a straight couple, a gay couple or a lesbian couple. Of course, I haven't forgotten those who are single parents with kids. We are family and no one has the right to turn us down just because we don't fit within the seller's vision.