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Monday, August 29, 2005

Weekend Before School 

Taken from my Xanga:

The Skeleton Key was something I enjoyed watching last Wednesday night. There were no cheesy scenes that are occasionally seen in some horror/thriller films.

Caroline (Kate Hudson) decides to answer an ad for hospice care for an elderly man, living in a swamp on the outskirts of New Orleans. Once the wife warms up to Caroline, she tells her that there is something wrong with the house, due to a terrible past.

This, of course, only sparks further curiosity in Caroline. She discovers that hoodoo is involved. No, not voodoo. Hoodoo. You gotta check out the film if you wanna know what that is.

There were a couple of scenes that made me jump a little. So, if you like to be scared by being startled and emptying half the popcorn bucket on the floor, then this movie's for you.

Good movie! I give this film 4 out of 5 stars.

There was a preview of a movie that I think will be an awesome movie. Sorta like Matrix but in its own way, AeonFlux, starring Charlize Theron. It comes to theatres this December.

Speaking of movies, I decided to Google on upcoming movies and came up with a few. X-Men 3 is expected to be released next year. Rumors is that Juggernaut (possibly by Vinnie Jones, this link confirms that he's in the film as the villian) will be cast in this movie along with the Dark Phoenix.

Sin City 2 is also expected to be released next year. By the way, I just recently had the chance to watch Sin City. I thought the movie was great! However, I do realize that some people might think that the story plot may be a tad bit too long.

Superman Returns is slated for Summer 2006, with Brandon Routh playing the main character.

Looking ahead...like 2008, there's supposed to be a Smurfs movie, which will be CGI animated.


On Thursday, Cliffie asked me to join him to Green Lantern as he worked for an hour as an HIV Prevention Specialist for the Deaf.

I had a good time with Cliffie and another Deafie, whom we were finally officially introduced. Nice guy.

As for the rest of the Deafies there, let's just say that there were some interesting characters, doing some lame stuff.


Most of the day on Friday was spent at Gallaudet as KT and I registered for classes for the Fall semester. We basically have a pretty easy schedule, which is good for us.

We'll have classes on Tuesdays and Fridays. Practicum will not start until later in September. A 4th class will be untraditional because the instructor is from California. Therefore, we'll have online/videocamera sessions. I'll also be teaching a couple of class sessions on baby signs at Gallaudet. This will be a good experience for me as I'll learn from it and improve for future classes.

It was good to see some people once again. I'm sure we'll catch up on news and stuff with other people when school starts once again.

Friday night was spent at Cindy and Dane's, catching up on news and playing games.


Most of Saturday was spent with a good friend of ours, Peter, at our place. Made a delicious pot of baked potato soup.


Sunday was just a day of relexation for both me and KT. Just what we needed before starting school and this new work schedule.

We finally got to see The Grudge. It was an ok movie, not so great like all the hype that this movie had been getting when it was in the theatres.

I am soon done with the Narnia book. On the 6th book now. Can't wait to finish it now as I got about 7 other books to read that I got for my birthday.


This Friday on Here!, a gay pay-per-view channel, will be featuring the tv's first gay detective series. Chad Allen ("Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman") will be playing as gay Detective Donald Strachey, created by Richard Stevenson.

I am curious to find this channel and see if I can check it out.

Anyways, I better get back to work. Ta ta for now...