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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Labor Day Weekend 

The Labor Day weekend was a long one for me since I was off from work from Friday til Tuesday. I practically did nothing but relaxed, along with my babe.

It was sooo good to see Brad once again, after 5 years! :-) That little princess certainly has grown up. His sense of humor remains the same.

Friday's class was interesting, which is pretty much the same as Tuesday's class on second language acquisition and theories.

Afterwards, we went walking for a total of 2 miles on the track. Came home, along with Cliff and had a good dinner. Since KT was planning to watch a football game that night, Cliff and I decided to catch a movie.

We decided to go see The Cave at a new theatre in Largo. We get there, paid for admission, grabbed the panels for the rear view captioning, got our drinks and settled in our seats. As usual, the movie opened with previews. Then, the movie started. Well, guess what? The captions were off. GRRR!!! Why does this happen?!?!

So, I got up and went to see the manager and informed him about the captions not working. He said he'll inform the guy upstairs and for me to go back. So, back I went. We sat for like 10 or 15 minutes before I got up again to see the manager. He said it was broken and the guy was trying to fix it and that it'll come on soon. Back I went but I stood on the walkway, instead of getting back to my seat. After about 5 minutes, I knew we'd just be wasting our time. So, Cliff gathered up our stuff and we headed back to the manager. The manager was persistent that we go back and wait for the captions to come on. I was like...we already wasted 25 minutes of "being in the dark". It's time for our money back and get out. It took a couple of tries before the manager finally agreed to give us our money back. And this was a new movie theatre with a "broken" display of captions? Whateva.

So, we headed over to Cliff's place and watched The Ring 2. Very interesting movie.

Saturday, Brad, Imran, Masa and Emerson hosted a BBQ over at Brad's place. We had a good time there and had the chance to meet other queers there that I had seen on campus or around town but had never been officially introduced. There was about 30 people that showed up, if not more. Overall, everyone had a great time there!

Sunday was spent on watching some flicks at home.

A Home at the End of the World, starring Colin Farrell, was an interesting movie. It had me welling up tears in my eyes. Colin Farrell did a good job playing such a laidback and easy-going guy. I definitely recommend this movie.

It's All About Love, starring Joaquin Phoenix, was an interesting suspense film. In 2025, a famed ice skater and her husband, on the brink of divorce, find themselves helping each other escape from a disturbing plan, while the world is suffering from a strange phenomenon.

In the Cut, starring Meg Ryan, was interesting as well but predictable. I was surprised that I had never heard of this film, especially since I do like Meg Ryan. This is film is definitely not one of those romantic comedy films that she usually appears in. Lots of sex and nudity in this film, you can even catch a couple brief nude shots of Mark Ruffalo, as Detective Malloy, here.

Oh yeah...Rehnquist passed away.

I forgot when it was but did anyone see that Live Report when Bush was in Louisiana to meet with some "important people" on how to work with the aftermath of Katrina? It just seems that everyone was just taking their sweet time and talking soooo slow as if this wasn't an urgent situation. I had to laugh when it was said that Bush will stop by a couple of cities, including Biloxi. However, he'll only tour New Orleans via helicopter. You were afraid, weren't you?

Monday was also a relaxing day and caught up on homework. Then, spent the rest of the day reading Jeff Lindsay's Darkly Dreaming Dexter. It's an interesting book because Dexter Morgan is a serial killer with a "voice" in his head, who kills bad people, such as a priest who was a pedophile. Dexter is a lab technician for the police, helping them catch serial killers in Miami.

Tuesday, KT and I were back in school. We finally got our Practicum schedule. I'll be working with Rodney, a fellow frat brother of mine. I'm excited to get this practicum started, which will help me prepare for my internship next semester.

I also got to pick up materials for the 2 class sessions I'll be teaching on baby signs for hearing parents of hearing babies. What's even more exciting was that I was asked to develop a tentative signing cirriculum for children up to 3 year olds. So, that'll be a good project for me to work on this semester.

Got up earlier this morning because KT was supposed to have jury duty. However, he was able to have it rescheduled until next summer because he's a student. So, he's excited about that because he didn't want to miss his practicum.

Before I close, KT and I had set up a group with MSN. Basically, we're just sending out weekly notification of events by Deaf and/or gay communities and organizations in the DC Metro area. If you're interesting to be on our mailing list, send an email to DQDCMetro(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Oh yeah, DeafSpot has set up a Deaf Blog Directory. It's relatively new. So, add your blog if you don't see yours on there.

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