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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Nawlins and Katrina 

Hurricane Katrina has really left some disastrious results in Louisiana, Mississippi and other places. These people are really feeling/suffering from the aftermath of her wrath. I just cannot imagine being in their situation. I can just imagine the high levels of frustration and anguish.

Looting is rampant. Helicopters are being shot at. One man shot his sister in the head over a bag of ice. I can just imagine it's just crazy out there and helplessness is overpowering. It's gonna take years for this city to rebuild itself and clean out the toxins and such stuff.

However, I need to get a few things off my chest. What is it with people saying that what happened to New Orleans is a punishment from God?!? I mean really! Just consider yourself lucky because you're not living in that area. You'd be singing a different tune if and when disaster strikes your area.

One thing that gets me is that people use religion and forsake logic and science. I know that there are people who believe that religion and science do not go hand in hand. I, on the other hand, believe that it is possible. However, in this situation with Katrina, it is purely science.

Get it in your head that Katrina was one mofo hurricane, with winds going as high as 145 mph, if not more. New Orleans was just is disaster waiting to happen because it was built below sea level. Warnings of flood had been issued. And that's what happened.

Some people and bloggers say that it happened to Nawlins because it's a sin city, filled with gambling, sex, alcohol and such stuff. Hello! Just about every other city has those things...maybe not on a grand scale such as Nawlins and Las Vegas. If it happened to DC, what then? Oh, because of political corruption? If it happened to NYC, what then? Oh, because of sex and drugs? If it happened to Miami or Texas, what then? Oh, because the Mexicans and the Hispanics are doing "it" like rabbits instead of waiting til marriage? Let's cease finding sins as the reasons for natural phenomena of the skies, seas and lands and use science to figure out these things. If and when a supernatural or an unexplainable situation ever occur, then we can use religion and sacred texts to obtain some answers.

Before I close, I'd like to provide a couple links if you'll like to donate funds, big or small, to those suffering from Katrina:

American Red Cross

Rainbow World Fund


What is it with people telling us to be grateful for paying 3 bucks a gallon while the rest of the world are paying more? It's not a matter of being ungrateful. It's a matter of the Americans' reaction to the fast rising prices of gas. If the world is used to paying so much for gas, good for them. We have had been paying what we're used to paying. When something changes, you react.

Let's say you've been going to McDonald's for quite some time and eating their Quarter Pounder for $1.49. One day, you come in and place your usual order and shell out the exact amount. You find out that it's now $1.99 or $2.19. Believe me, you're gonna say, "hey, WTF?!?" It's a reaction to change.

Creatures of habit, we are.


Does Larry Kramer shit bricks when he reads/hears about these news:

41% of Gay Men Who Meet Online for Sex Go Unprotected

Men Rely Low HIV Viral Loads for "Safe" Unprotected Sex

High Rate of Errors on Condom Usage

Uncertainty of Condoms

Wrong Lab Results on Herpes


Anyways, better shut up for now and try to think of positive things for the rest of the day.

ta ta...