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Monday, September 12, 2005


Got tagged by WitchyRosey!

Three names you go by:

* Larry

* Litch

* Beans (uttered by family members)

Three screennames you have had:

* GallyTX

* SouthtoEast

* ROWLarry

Three physical things you like about yourself:

* my smile

* my eyes

* my mind

Three things you hate about yourself:

* my lack of discipline to sit down and write more poems and a book

* uncertainty

* ugh...maybe I don't hate myself that much...

Three things that scare you:

* snakes

* losing loved ones

* sharks

Three of your everyday essentials:

* pager

* purse (man bag)

* hearing aid

Three things you are wearing right now:

* red plaid shirt

* navy blue pants

* red shoes

Three of your favorite bands/artists:

* Madonna

* Alanis Morrissette

* Missy Elliot

Three of your favorite songs at present: (Sorry, I'm not updated, so bear with those old favorite songs of mine)

* Madonna's "Vogue"

* Faith Hill's "Breathe"

* Shania Twain's "When You Kiss Me"

Three new things I want to try in the next twelve months:

* Travel out of the country

* Start writing again

* Get numerous rolls of film developed and organize photo albums

Three things you want/have in a relationship:

* open communication

* a lot of smiles, hugs, and laughters

* equal rights as with others

Two truths and a lie:

* I went to Bible college.

* I was a cashier for an organic food store.

* I was arrested for public lewdness.

Three physical things about the opposite (SAME) sex that appeal to you:

* smile and eyes

* hairy chest

* hands

Three things you just can't do:

* dissect a pig (skipped classes on purpose)

* scuba diving (I'd be hyperventilating about sharks!)

* participate in Fear Factor (I'd be the first to lose.)

Three of my favorite hobbies:

* Reading

* Writing

* Collecting Curious George and Wonder Woman stuff

Three things you want to do really bad right now:

* Go on a vacation with KT

* Meet up with my bitchy sisters, Cliff and Kekua, and have a good laugh.

* Get on a chaise and just read to my heart's content.

Three careers you are considering:

* an author

* a professor

* a business owner

Three places you want to go on vacation:

* Germany

* England

* Spain

Three kids names:

* girl - Raven

* boy - Andres

* (a name that KT and I will hold until it becomes a reality)

Three things you want to do before you die:

* publish a book

* fly a helicopter

* own a business

Three people to tag:

* eiffilc

* kalaukeki

* SpunkyGoddess


This week, KT and I will be so tired. We didn't have a "free" weekend since we had classes with Dr. Rachel Stone. (Yes, that same Dr. Rachel Stone from Riverside Community College in California.) She flew in Friday afternoon for classes on Friday night and all day Saturday and Sunday on curriculum development. It has been interesting as we learned so many things about the education system and curriculum development and criteria.

We'll be having online and videophone sessions with Dr. Stone throughout the semester. We also have one more weekend class sessions in November.

Overall, I've enjoyed learning about Dr. Stone and her background, as well as her experiences in the education system and ASL teaching. I look forward to learning more from her.


After our weekend classes, KT and I were just too tired to do anything. So, we decided to watch a movie, Cube Zero. Ugh, don't bother watching this film. What a waste of time. The first movie, Cube, was interesting. They should've stopped with the first movie and not have made a sequel.

Well, ta ta for now...