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Thursday, October 27, 2005

HIV Testing Home Kit 

The FDA is considering whether or not to sell HIV testing home kits in stores. If so, consumers will be using OraQuick, as used in clinics and other facilities, where you swab saliva and get your results in 20 minutes.

How much will one shell out for a kit is still up in the air. Currently, kits are sold between $12 to $17 to clinics and other places. Will prices remain the same or will it be lowered due to mass production?

This is seen as a good step because despite the fact that HIV testing is becoming more widely available, some people are still hesitant to come out and get tested. However, will people be confident enough to go out and buy a kit, say, at Target or at the local CVS?

I was telling Cliff, who is an HIV Prevention Program Coordinator at Deaf-Reach, about this yesterday and he expressed a concern that was echoed by others. One negative about this HIV testing kit is that there is no counseling available for those who discovered to be positive. Of course, the FDA will include a toll-free number and a website. However, is that enough? Will those who are positive be sane enough to sit down and have a talk via phone or search for answers online?

Overall, I think it's a good idea as HIV testing will become even more available.


Hmmmm....interesting! Does male circumcision reduces the chance for HIV infection?


Latest news! Harriet Miers withdraws her nomination for the Supreme Court.


Anyways...ta ta for now...