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Monday, October 24, 2005

HomeComing Weekend 

First of all, what a gloomy and rainy week we had! Ugh!

Friday night, KT and I headed over to Dupont Circle to eat dinner before the Deaf GLBTiQ Coffee Social. We were gonna go to Cafe Luna but decided to head over to California Pizza Kitchen. It had been a long while since we last eaten there. I wanted to try one of their pizzas as I usually have a pasta dinner whenever I go to CPK. After debating with myself about certain tastes and the likeliness that I may or may not like it, I stuck with Hawaiian Pizza. I dunno what it is but these days, I've just been having a craze for Canadian bacon.

Afterwards, we both headed over to Hair Cuttery for a haircut. Got my hair cut sooo short, I don't think I'll need another haircut until the new year. See see.

After that, headed over to Starbucks for the Coffee Social. First, it started off with just 4 of us: me, KT, Elicia and Melinda, who was supposed to meet a friend at the gathering. I had expected a low turn-out because of the rain and the pre-Homecoming bash at Gallaudet. However, as time passed by, more and more people showed up. We had almost 40 people! Not only that but there were more lesbians than gays here. You should see the big grins on them lesbians. Overall, we all just had a great time catching up with our friends and acquaintances.
Many thanks goes to David T. for being able to bring so many people to come and hang out!


I had planned to come to Gallaudet for Homecoming. However, it was rainy and cold so I just stayed home in my comfortable thermal pj's.

KT and I got a cute Halloween card from Michelle. It was really thoughtful!

Then, Saturday night, KT and I underestimated the amount of time it would take for us to put on our Halloween costumes for the Eye Party. Nonetheless, there's nothing wrong with arriving fashionably late. Thank goodness it stopped raining that night!

We arrived to Titan, where the Eye Party was held. There was some people dressed up for Halloween. No complaints because that meant more chances for those who did dress up to win prizes. Anyways, it was interesting and fun to see those who did put on their costumes. Some of the costumes were hand-made and you could tell the amount of time they invested. They were just simply awesome!

When it came to the prizes for costumes, I won a $25 gift card to Target for the best eye decoration, despite the fact that I probably had one of the weirdest costumes there. David Anderson won $25 gift card to Starbucks for having the best costume. He was dressed up as a German...oh, I guess you could say...barmaid, in a traditional German outfit and braided wig. David truly has a knack for costumes as he has won previously. (Bitch! No, really, he did a great job!)

Some of the people and their costumes:
KT - vampire
Cliff - suicide "victim" (what's a better term?)
Kekua & Brad B. - both were Velma from Scooby-Doo
Merritt - that lady who was attacked by crows/ravens in Hitchcock's "The Birds"
Masa & Em - Rainbow Brite & Red Butler
Scott - dogwalker
Sal - flight attendant
JB - '80's punk girl
Joe - Grecian, clad in a toga and a laurel

And Manny, poor Manny. That night was just not his night, costume-wise. He ended up having to abandon his plans and resorted to being Miss RAD for the night. Nonetheless, he made the best of it.

Wonderful job to Merritt and Kekua and ofc, Manny for making this Eye Party a fun one!

It was good to see friends, even some I hadn't seen in some years.


Sunday was a beautiful sunny day. Although, it was a bit cold.

Got up and VP'd with VeeVee. Oh, she's the same ol' gal! It was so good to see her and catch up with news and stuff. We chatted for almost 2 hours and ofc, it wasn't enough but we had other things to do. Sure hope to do it again real soon!

Spent the day with Cliffie at my place as he was washing clothes. I'm amazed how KT and I have like 500+ channels and yet on Sundays, there's like NOTHING interesting to watch. What's up with that?!?

Ta ta for now...