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Monday, October 31, 2005


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I had heard a few people saying that Sideways was a good movie that was worth watching. So, I thought I'd check it out myself.

Hmmm, it made me realize that there are people who are wine connoisseurs as if wine tasting, drinking and discussions are major hobbies of their lives. They're no different than people who love and collect comics, DVD's, poems, stamps, cigars and the like.

While the story plot was ok, the fascination with me was the dialogues around wine. It's amazing how people can swirl their wine to release the aroma, sneak in a sniff and identify the flavors. This movie would be alot more enjoyable to those who enjoy wines.

I've yet acquired a taste for wine. It's like too bitter or something. Manny introduced me to my first taste of wine back in '99, I believe. KT, Manny, Tom, Cliff, Lee and couple of other guys got together to go to a Gay.Com party at someone's apartment. The majority of the alcohol available were wines. Manny poured himself a glass of Merlot. So, I told him to fill me one too. I guess I was expecting a chilled wine when I took my first sip. Ugh, nasty! Ironically, I drank it and got some refills. I must've like it. Perhaps, I was in the mood or perhaps I just wanted something to drink. Who knows. One thing about Merlot is that I do get a buzz from it quickly but then I get hot.

It would be a long while before I drank wine again. Since my only experience with wine was Merlot, I opted for it again. Ugh, it was just awful that I couldn't take another sip.

This past summer, Collin stayed with us before the RAD conference. He gave us a bottle of Chardonnay. It's still in the pantry, waiting to be opened. Some days, I'm like...let's drink it! Some days, I'm like...will I like it?

Then, this past August, we flew to Texas for a vacation, visiting friends and relatives. My aunt and her husband both work for upscale restaurants and both are quite knowledgeable of wines. My aunt filled me in on the do's and don't's of wine and which type of food go best with red and white wines. She even recommended a few wines to try out in order to develop an acquired taste. I've yet to start.

Anyways, Sideways was an interesting movie. Besides the wine talk, the story plot was ok, nothing extraordinary.


Saturday morning, I taught a repeat session of Baby Signs, in regards to mealtimes and manners. I can't complain. The parents are receptive and curious about signs and early communication with their babies. It's just a good feeling to teach signs, which they will use. Plus, I'll be getting a nice check, just in time for Christmas shopping!

Then, we headed off to a birthday party for our friends' son. Their son wanted a party with his friends with an indoor swimming pool. So, we headed over to Chillum, MD, which is only 5 miles away from Gallaudet. I had assumed that since it was a public pool facility, it would be somewhat a plain pool for kids to play in. Actually, it was like a theme park for kids. I was actually impressed with the designs of the indoor swimming pools for kids. There were some slides and other fixtures. There was even an area that was really shallow for wee ones or for those not quite confident with swimming. There was even a hot tub and a swimming area for adults.

Anyways, it was good to see friends there, who brought their kids for the birthday celebration.

Afterwards, we headed over to IKEA in College Park, MD. It had been over a year since we last shopped there. Our excuse...we've been so busy!!! We both had received gift cards for IKEA on our birthdays but just never had the chance to go. So, we told each other...we hafta go!

I dunno if it was just me, already tired for the day or whatever, but I wasn't quite impressed with the showcases at IKEA. Maybe perhaps because the showcases were similar from the last visit. I dunno. Anyways, we ended up buying some things from there.

Is it just us or do y'all also get tired from shopping all day at IKEA? Shopping at IKEA is like an all day thing, ya know. So much to look at and to visualize your home. I guess it's sensory overloading that wears you out when you come out of that store.

I guess from shopping at IKEA, we were both in the mood to do additional shopping for the house. First, we had to stop at Chick-Fil-A for dinner. I had been bugging KT all day to eat there. I was just in the mood for a chicken sandwich and waffle fries. Mmmmmm!

Afterwards, we headed off to Linens 'n Things and Lowe's. Ugh, I had to control myself as I saw so many holiday stuff to buy for the house. I guess I can buy them one by one, over time. I hate waiting!!!


Sunday was a relaxing day. I made Halloween cupcakes. I had so many cupcakes that I had KT bring some over to the other house that he went to watch football with a friend. It was just sinfully good!

After I dropped KT off with the cupcakes, I headed over to Target. I wanted to surprise KT with a jack o'lantern'ful of candies for Halloween.

Damn everyone for selling such nice stuff for the holidays! I was THIS close to charging like $100 dollars worth of holiday stuff for the house! I had to tell myself...no! Larry! no!

Anyways, I came home and watched Maria Full of Grace. I actually enjoyed this movie. Like most foreign films are, this movie starts off slow. You just gotta have patience before it really starts to become interesting.

This movie is about Maria and her friend, becoming mules. Mules, in this film, are basically the ones who carry drugs in their stomachs. They fly into the US and deliver them to the dealers. It's a dangerous job that pays well for these girls. Things go wrong when another girl, also a mule, doesn't feel well and becomes unconscious.

I liked this movie and wasn't surprised to learn that it was one of the best movies at Sundance in 2004.

Then, last night, KT came home after football. He borrowed a movie, High Tension. OMG! If you liked Saw or Wrong Turn, then you'll like this movie. It's definitely a nail-biter!

It was good that it made KT jumped. I'm the one that usually jumps at some scenes in scary movies or thrillers. Like Saw, the story plot in this film comes with a twist. (The twist will make you go back and analyze the entire movie.) You just gotta check it out and be prepared to chew up all your nails!


Well, Happy Halloween! Have fun trick 'n treating!

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