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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Staying Home 

It's just been really cold and rainy the last couple of days. It's been cold enough to make you just wanna cancel all your plans and stay home with a bundle of blankets and sip hot chocolate or chai tea. Of course, it's even nicer to have a significant other next to you and get a bit warmer.

KT and I have done the same with putting on our thermal pj's and covering ourselves with blankets, including an electric one. We feel a bit more warmer with our cats sitting on our laps. With nothing else to do, we just watched a couple of movies.

Land of the Dead is another one of those countless zombie movies. However, the story plot has one small twist. Zombies in this movies were able to think and continue life like humans do. Think of it as the first evolutionary step for zombies...to be able to think and even to able to express feelings. Predictability is rampant throughout the movie. However, at the end, it was interesting how one human stopped others from destroying all the zombies as he said "they're just trying to find a place to live, just as we are". No scare factor here, just some gory scenes. So, if you're looking for a movie to get scared during Halloween, don't get this movie.

Then, lately, I've been selecting movies, on TiVo, that I have not had the chance to watch. There was a time when my parents used to watch movies ALL the time and some days I was just not in the mood to watch them. Or there were some movies my parents forbade me to watch because they were deemed inappropriate or whatever. Or I was an undergraduate student and was either busy with homework or just didn't have money to go out for simple pleasures. So, I've missed a lot of movies and gotta catch up.

So, last night, I watched Sleeping With the Enemy, starring Julia Roberts. God, I miss Julia's beautiful long curly hair as was also seen in Pretty Woman and Steel Magnolias. I thought it was a good movie. Somehow, I thought the stalking part would be somewhat long, in a way similar to Fatal Attraction. The face to face scene with Sara (Roberts) and her abusive husband was like 5 minutes or less. Oh well, I liked the movie overall.

Obviously, I didn't go see the Drag Race last night. Maybe next year. If the weather is nice this Saturday, we may put on our costumes, along with friends, and go to Georgetown and check out other people's costumes.

ta ta for now...