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Monday, November 14, 2005

Belated Birthdays... 

Damn, so many Scorpios!

Happy Belated Birthdays to EL, Barbie and Ingrid! I know, I know...I usually don't forget but been so busy lately!


I'm truly disappointed in myself for not remembering EL's birthday. We've known each other since 3rd grade, when I was enrolled at the local Day School for the Deaf (no, not Sunshine Cottage!).
When I was in 5th grade, my folks pulled me out and enrolled me in a private school. I was so upset over that. I wanted to remain in the day school. It was not long after I was pulled out that the day school system was closed down. When that happened, the majority left for TSD. A few, including EL, left for MSSD.
Well, over the years, I was able to get in touch, briefly, with old friends from the day school. We would often ask each other "what ever happened to so-and-so?" I would reconnect with some of my old friends when I enrolled at the local community college.
Anyways, the last time I saw EL was at Deaf Day at the local Six Flags theme park, Fiesta Texas, which as like, way back in '93 or '94. I think she was engaged that time. We were like excited to see each other after so many years. Then, that was it.
Then, Ringo.com came along and of course, Deafies were just going crazy re-connecting with old friends and making new friends as well. I didn't find EL there. Then, Tickle.com bought out Ringo and it just sucked. Well, I kept it up and somehow, found EL there. We started talking again and we were like...no way, we found each other again!
Then, we said we had to VP each other. Well, plans kept coming up to prevent from meeting on VP. It took about 6 months before we FINALLY chatted on VP. LOL It was just wonderful to see EL once again. It was like we just saw each other yesterday. I'm hoping someday soon, KT and I can take a trip up north to see her and her husband.
EL, Happy Birthday! ...and let's not lose each other again!


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Wonderful, wonderful friend of mine! You never know what's gonna happen whenever we get together. Expect the unexpected!
I met Barbie at San Antonio College back in '93. Actually, I saw her in '93 but we didn't start talking to each other til '94. Afar, she was such a friendly person but whenever we saw each other, we were just quiet and just looked the other way. I dunno if we were shy or just being a stuck-up bitch.
Well, a mutual friend asked us to join her for lunch at the nearby Burger King. It was during this time that the mad cow disease was being such a big issue. We walked in and there's like a chained line/aisle where you enter. It wasn't like a direct line but snaked as you get closer place your order. And somehow, one of us said something like "I've got mad cow, I'm getting slaughtered...moo!". We looked at each other and then we just cracked up laughing. The ice was broken. From then on, we met for lunch everyday and we were like always late for class because we were just having a great time, chatting and laughing, til we were blue in the face.
Barbie and I stuck with each other through some tough times of our lives. I would go to her whenever I was dealing with some family drama at home. Barbie is one of the few people who knows me too well. She'll ask for my opinions or feelings about things and I'll tell her. Sometimes, she'll be like..."that's bullshit! tell me what you really feel." I'd be like "dayum!"
Well, it's been nothing but fun and laughter for the past 11 or 12 years. (Dayum! Time does fly by fast!) Our friendship is definitely a keeper! She's one of the few friends that I totally look forward to see and cry when I leave.

Barb, hope you had a faboo birthday! Believe me, girl, if I was there, we'd be peeing in our pants, laughing our asses off!


I've known Ingrid since we were 7 or 8 years old. We were mean to each other, despite the fact that her mom and my dad worked together at the hospital.
We didn't become friends until we were in junior high. She was dating my best friend and I hated that! She hated the fact that her boyfriend's best friend was me and didn't want me to hang out with him. Oh, the insults we told each other!
Well, one day, my best friend HAD it with us. So, he broke up with her and said he didn't want to be friends with me anymore. Ingrid and I were like...whaaa? Well, the next second, Ingrid and I were like backstabbing my friend/her ex-boyfriend. We laughed and hung out and became close friends. (Yeah, we became friends again with my best friend.)
In high school, we became boyfriend and girlfriend. We didn't last long because we liked each other too much as friends and didn't wanna ruin it. Plus, there was pressure from our friends if we had "did it". By this time, I had already knew I was gay.
I'll never forget the day that Ingrid was mad at me for her not being the first person for me to come out as a gay man. I was hanging with my then best friend, Liz, when she came out to Ingrid. Liz casually mentioned about our struggles for our friends to understand and accept us. Ingrid was like..."whaaa? Larry, get your fucking ass here!" Ingrid suspected me being gay but wanted me to come to her when the time was right. I had already planned not to tell her because Liz had came out to other friends of ours and they immediately rejected her. So, I was already freaking out because Liz came out and our friends knew that I was hanging out with her. In fact, I was already being asked, "how could you hang out with that filthy dyke?" I calmly replied that she's the same ol' Liz we all know.
Well, we've kept in touch over the years as our lives took us on different paths. She's gone through some hard journeys but she's still hanging in there. She knows she still has me as her friend.

Hope you had a sweet birthday as well!

ta ta for now...