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Monday, November 21, 2005

Birthday & Movie Slutting 

First of all,


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Be sure to take time out of your busy schedule and party a little on this special day of yours!

I remember when I first met VeeVee. Rosey brought me with her when she wanted to visit VeeVee. I was nervous because I was at a complete stranger's place. However, VeeVee turned out to be a friendly character.
I don't think I saw her again until almost a year later. Manny was rooming with VeeVee and her then boyfriend. KT had befriended Manny at this point. Since I liked KT but was afraid to tell him that I did, I just started to hang out at Manny's place frequently. From there, I started to get to know VeeVee and former boyfriend more and thus, our friendship bloomed. (Of course, I also got to know KT more.)
VeeVee and I just clicked fairly well. We've had some good times, along with some deep philosophical discussions.
Well, time has passed and we've been on different journeys. However, we've remained to stay in touch, from time to time. Recently, we were able to chat via videophone and it's just a good feeling to chat and still feel comfortable with old friends. It just puts a smile on my face, knowing that she's that same ol' gal that I've grown to know and love.

So, Happy Birthday, VeeVee!


Despite the busy weekend, I've managed to watch some movies which has been an outlet that I've enjoyed to endure the stress with school.

First on those that I've watched recently was Unconstitutional: The War on our Civil Liberties. If you liked Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11, then you'll definitely like this documentary.

Well, maybe "like" isn't the right word because while viewing this film, you're gonna be upset by some of the contents presented here. In summary, your civil liberty rights are being violated and modified. The Patriot Act, Guantanamo Bay, the Geneva Treaty, the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, Arabs and other such topics are presented and discussed here. These stuff are so big that the ACLU has been gag-ordered from discussing to the public.

Watch this film and then brush up on your knowledge of your civil liberties and fight back. There are some cities and counties that have passed certain laws and regulations to prevent themselves from complying with the Patriot Act and orders.

Yeah, you're gonna be upset and your jaw will fall to the floor. But, that's good because then you'll now be aware of your civil liberties being compromised. It's time to protect yourself by fighting back.


Christmas With the Kranks was a cute movie.

The Kranks' daughter has joined the Peace Corps and has been sent to another country. Depressed, the Kranks decided not to celebrate Christmas because "it just isn't the same".

Mr. Krank decided to lighten up the mood by surprising his wife with a vacation to the Carribean, during the Christmas holiday. Of course, Mrs. Krank is excited and looks forward to the vacation.

Meanwhile, the neighborhood gives the Kranks hell for not putting up Christmas decorations or getting into the holiday spirit. Well, that all changes when the Kranks' daughter calls to inform that she's flying in that day for Christmas.

Like I said...cute movie.


Dead End is like one of those....um...."twilight zone" horror film. For some, it's a horror film but for me, it wasn't. I found myself rolling my eyes at the characters and the story plot.

A family of four, along with the daughter's boyfriend, are traveling to a grandmother's house on Christmas Eve. However, after 20 years, the husband decided to take a shortcut. This decision turned out to be his worst mistake as they drive through the never-ending forest.

If you're in the mood for a somewhat cheesy film, then go ahead and check it out.


Friday night, Saturday and Sunday were spent with all-day class sessions with an instructor from California on curriculum development. We just could not wait for it to be over.

Initially, we thought this would be an interesting class. However, due to the lack of consistent communication/lectures from the instructor, we've all lost motivation for the class.

So, this past weekend was like a crash course of about 8 weeks' worth and we would have like the night before to do a presentation and other such papers. UGH!

However, we've been given some extra time to polish up our papers and such. I so cannot wait to work on them later today to get'em over with!


Last night, we started to watch Kingdom of Heaven. Unfortunately, we were both tired from the long weekend and went to bed. So, I'm looking forward to finish this movie.

This movie is about a father passing his knighthood to his son and ordered him to serve the king in Jerusalem. This was a time, in 1180's, when the Christians, Jews and Muslims were living in peace. Well, not always.

Anyways, this movie moves at a slow pace. So, you gotta be in the mood for a slow pace movie before watching Kingdom of Heaven. When we stopped this movie last night, it was just starting to get interesting. Can't wait to finish it tonight.

Well, ta ta for now...