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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Yo, Roe!


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Hope you are feeling better now so that you can go out and celebrate throughout 6th Street!



Last night, I watched Monster, starring Charlize Theron and Christina Ricci, which is based on a true story of Aileen "Lee" Wuornos, a prostitue turned serial killer in Florida.

It seemed that this film was made to make you symphathize with Lee (Theron). She came from a bad childhood and had a hard life. So, she just toughened up to deal with the harsh reality of life. To survive, since the age of 13, she became a hooker to make any money she can in order to feed herself or find a place to stay.

Well, one night, she "accidently" walked into a gay bar and thus, met Selby (Ricci). From there, their friendship bloomed which led to a lesbian relationship. (I find this name change to be interesting because according to websites, such as this one, on Aileen Wuornos, her girlfriend's name was Tyria.) Selby came from a Christian family in Ohio. However, she was found dabbling in lesbianism and was sent to live with a Christian family in Florida to get her shit together and then return.

Neither had a regular job when they were living together. To support themselves for food, shelter and entertainment, Lee went out to prostitute to rake in some money. It was not until one john physically assaulted her, tied her up and raped her along with an object when Lee went in a rage, freed herself and kill her john. Perhaps, at this point, we might have sympathize with her action as self-defense if only she had reported it. However, she covered up her crime and kept the dead john's car for a few days to get around places. Then, she continued prostitution in order to bring in more money and thereby, killing more men.

Charlize Theron did a superb job portraying Lee. It is not surprising that she won an Oscar and an Academy Award.

Of course, movies change some facts and Monster was no different. If you'll read the links provided above, you'll see that there were lots more to Lee's story than what was presented in the movie.
Monster made Selby looked like a demanding girlfriend, who didn't hold a job, while Lee went out and brought in some money. However, Tyria did her share of jobs.
Also, there was an interesting part about Lee's defense attorney who was "told by God" to contact her and eventually adopting her. Of course, none of this was shown in the movies.
The movie showed one taped phoned conversation between Selby and Lee, which Lee would confess to her crimes. In truth, it was a series of phone calls.
There were a lot more to Lee's story but of course, not everything could be covered. However, this movie is worth checking out.


It is unfortunate, yet expected, that 3 out of 4 Texans voted on the gay marriage ban. While Texas already has a law on this ban, this amendment will be put into the constitution to prevent judges to overturn future cases.

I guess with the Lawrence vs. Texas, which the Supreme Court ruled that sodomy laws were unconstitutional, the GLBT American citizens had a glimmer of hope that the US and the law would eventually begin to recognize us as equal citizens with equal rights. However, lately, it seems that everything is backfiring on us. Are we being set back in time? Are we enshrining discrimination, especially towards gays and lesbians? If we, as Americans, are allowed to discriminate the GLBT citizens, why don't we just go ahead and start discriminating others? Harsh? Well, hello, amendments are being added to allow prevention of our rights. And you sit there, as hypocrites, and tell people how you're all for equal rights. Yeah right...