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Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving Week... 

Whoo, what a nice relaxing week! I had been off from work since last week Tuesday and didn't come near the computer to blog or check emails. The constant spams sent to my pager definitely didn't encourage me to come near a computer. However, the amount of spams seem to be reducing so hopefully T-Mobile took care of that.

Well, with my days off, I did a little bit of "fall cleaning" around the house. Now, we're ready to go out and buy a Christmas tree and then decorate the house.

On Thanksgiving Day, my friends, along with KT, and I went over to Jon's house, around the block. Had a good feast. Played Mexican Train. KT and I brought our digital camera. But did we take any pictures? Noooooooo.

Then, Cliff and Brad came over to our place to watch Latter Days. Yeah, I know, finally! I liked this movie. There were some interesting perspectives presented in this film and worth discussing with your peers. Anyways, it was one of those movies where you find yourself rooting for the 2 guys to end up together. And the Mormon parents, ugh! That was like déjà vu and I'm sure it is for many others. Anyways, check it out if you haven't already.

I had also rented Testosterone, the one with Antonio Sabado, Jr. in it. I was told you can get a good glimpse of his wee-wee. Unfortunately, I was in a rush that day and had forgotten to check and see if it was captioned. It was not.

The next day, we were gonna get up in the wee morning and join others for the Black Friday sales. We were aiming for the $379 laptop at BestBuy but decided that we could wait until after we graduated. Then, we were gonna get a TV because the captions have been fucking up. However, it turned out that it was the Xbox that was causing problems, not the TV. Whew!

So, we didn't get up in the wee morning. Instead, slept some more. Got up and picked up Cliffie and headed to Silver Spring to watch the RWC'd viewing of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

What can I say? It was awesome, even though it was long but that was expected. Loved the special effects and the props in this movie! Mad-Eye Moody was the vee vee! I didn't like Dumbledore, especially his beard. What's up with that thing tied around his beard? It looks so stupid!

I echo Kekua's enthusiasm for the next Harry Potter film, which will have Professor Umbridge in it and her annoying hem, hem lines.

The rest of the week was spent doing nothing but watching movies, staying warm, doing a paper for a class and reading a book.

The Interpreter was interesting. Loved the word play between Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn. And goodness, Sean Penn is getting old!

I finally got to see My Fair Lady. I know, I know! Hey, better late than never, eh? Anyways, I liked this film, especially the ascot scene. You just had to love the acting/song there as well as the outfits and the hats. The only thing I didn't like was Eliza's father. I felt the movie could be shorter and better if they had just only eliminated him from the film. I liked the movie overall, except the ending. I dunno, I guess I was expecting a better closing, but that was that. *pouting*

Anyways, you couldn't escape the message presented here in the film. It was true then and it is still true now. You gotta speak well, in this case - English, in order for people to see you as equal or if you wanna move on up.

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.

Wonderland was ok. It's supposed to be a true story of John Holmes, the legendary porn star, and his involvement with drugs and multiple murders on Wonderland Avenue in L.A. Anyways, there was just too much talk and the movie just flatlined towards the end. You're not missing anything if you never ever catch this flick.

Chicago was alright. The movie kicked off slowly with that lame-o "All That Jazz" number. After that, the story started and thus made the movie enjoyable to watch. Roxie Hart (Renee Zellweger) is in jail for shooting her lover to death. Roxie and her husband hires Billy Flynn (Richard Gere) to represent her in court with the hopes to get her off as a free woman. However, Roxie battles with Velma Kelley (Catherine Zeta-Jones) for Billy's attention and newspapers headlines.

Mulan 2 was so so. Ever noticed how part 2 of Disney films don't really quite the cut? Disney should stop making Part 2, especially for their animated films. Very few have been successful, such as Shrek 2. Anyways, Mulan and her fiance, General Shang must accompany 3 Chinese princesses on a secret mission. The secret mission is that the 3 princesses must marry the princes of another region, which would ensure peace throughout China.

However, things go awry as Mushu, the dragon, tries to break up Mulan and Shang because he fears losing his position with the ancestors. Secondly, Mulan unintentionally tells one of the princesses about following one's heart which leads to a princess' refusal to the arranged marriage.

Mercy is about this group of women, who come together for sex and maybe even a session of S&M, now and then. Think of it as the female version of the Down Low. Anyways, one by one, the women in this group are being murdered. Det. Palmer befriends Vickie (Peta Wilson) in order to get access into the group and stop the killer.

You're really not missing anything if you don't watch Mulan 2 and Mercy. Ugh! What are the good movies?!?!?

I tried to finish up reading Juniper Tree Burning but it was just not going well. So, I'm currently reading Jonathan Kellerman's Therapy. So far, it's been entertaining.

Well, ta ta for now...