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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Welcome to Gallaudet 

Deafies often encounter the phrase "welcome to Gallaudet" when they experience some frustation or inane explanations from a staff why some stuff are conducted or why some had to do a certain thing or two.

Well, first of all, KT and I had a class in the morning. It was really short since our teacher had to leave early for a doctor's appointment. Afterwards, I dropped KT off at the nearby metro station so he could go to work. Before KT left, he reminded me that we needed to pay off what we owed for the semester.

I head back to Gallaudet to the Student Accounts office. Gave the cashier my ID number to pay off my debt. My eyes widened at the amount I owed. I had thought it was less than what I was told. Then, I proceeded to pay off KT's and his was the amount that mine should've been. So, I asked what exactly did I owe. Was told that I had to step over to the next office for details. Meanwhile, I'm IM'ing KT about this scenario.

It turned out that I was billed for Gally's health insurance. WTF! I had already filled out a form last year for a waiver since I already had my own health insurance from work. Then, KT and I both vividly recall asking someone in that same department if we had to fill out another form to once again apply for a waiver from Gally's health insurance. We were told no because the waiver was already in our file.

Well, somebody fucked up and I got billed. If I wanted a refund, I had to go to SHS, the clinic on campus, and have them email the said department for the refund. SHS, from the Student Accounts office, is practically on the other side of the campus. So, I walked through the rain to SHS. I get there and tell them to send an email that I can be refunded. Oh no. I have to fill out the waiver form, which will then be reviewed by the Director. Refund would be available 2 weeks from now.

While I'm filling out the form, another lady comes out and scolds me like a little kid. "You're supposed to fill one out every year." I explained to her that I had asked the beginning of the semester for the form but was told that it was not needed. Told her that there's no communication between you and the Accounts office. She was adamant that was my fault. I said "honey, my partner didn't fill one out either...he'll tell you himself, yet they didn't bill him...so, someone is messing up here and I'm the one having to go back and forth because of the lack of communication between departments." She just said "oh" and turned around back into her office. Bitch!

Anyways, I was venting my frustration to KT via AIM, thoughout this scenario, and he inevitably says "welcome to Gallaudet". So true!

Anyways, came home and spent the entire afternoon working on a PowerPoint presentation for ASL 1 next semester. Damn! I thought I could complete 3 units in an afternoon. Took me the whole afternoon working on 1 unit. That's not a bad thing because it made me analyzed how I want to conduct the lesson plans and then do my slides accordingly.

Afterwards, watched The Manchurian Candidate. This was supposed to be a really good thriller/suspense film. Ugh, I couldn't believe that I wasted 2 hours on this movie. It's about this troop in Kuwait back in 1991. They were ambushed and were missing for 3 days before being found and returned to the States. Anyways, some of the soldiers in the troop start to discover discrepancies in their dreams, memories and even in their bodies. The discoveries led a bigger discovery of a military project. You're definitely not missing anything if you don't watch this at all.

Last night, I picked up KT from work. When we got home, he said he had to show me something, which I just had to share with ya.

Well, first, lemme share an excerpt of "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"

You better
Watch out
You better not cry,
You better not pout I'm tellin' you why,
Santa Claus is coming to town,
He's making a list checkin it twice,
He's gonna find out whos naughty or nice,
Santa Claus is coming to town

Well, what happens when you pout or get put on Santa's naughty list? Get a lump of coal? No. He sends out the Krampusses on ya!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Austrians believes that St. Nicholas sends these evil Krampusses to those who have been naughty! So, put on a big fat smile on your face and get into the holiday spirit!

Ta ta for now...

Oh yeah, we got our first Christmas card already. Thanks, Michelle!