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Monday, December 05, 2005

Friggin' Cold 

Last Friday was the Holiday Bazaar at Gallaudet. Wow, I don't think I've seen that many booths, along with some intersting arrays of things, as compared to previous years.

Of course, I just had to buy some things. I bought a couple of those dangling beaded accessories for pagers. Now, I just gotta find out who made them...Manny or Merritt. Then, I bought Stevie Platt's, a local Deaf author, first book. Will read that book once I'm finished with a book I'm currently reading by Iris Johansen.

Later, that night, KT and I went to DPHH. It was held at The Barking Dog Bar in Bethesda, MD. Wow, it was crowded! However, it was good to see some familiar faces and catch up on news. It was also neat to meet new faces. We finally got to meet Tate, who was the photographer of the event there. He was truly a grool man who took out a little time to have a small chat with us.

It was so friggin' cold outside!

Saturday, KT and I found ourselves at Gallaudet in the computer lab, doing our papers and projects. Our goal is to finish EVERYTHING by this Friday, even though the last day of school is really next week Friday. Let's see if we can finish before then. It would just be nice to start our Christmas break a week early.

Afterwards, Manny and Joe joined us to Guapo's for dinner in Tenleytown. Simply delicious!

It was so friggin' cold outside!

Yesterday, we went out and bought a Christmas tree. Every year, I always say, after decorating the tree, "there's not enough lights" and "we need more ornaments" despite the fact that we buy them every year, especially during sales after the holiday.

We haven't finished putting up holiday stuff around in the house. We'll do that little by little, each day, as we'll still be busy with school stuff.

Yes, it was so friggin' cold outside!

Well, it's supposed to snow later this afternoon and more tonight. We're supposed to get at least 3 to 6 inches by tomorrow morning. You know what that means, right? That means Gally will freak out and close for the day. Yayness!

Er, well, that is if it really snows...

And if it snows, that means it's gonna be so friggin' cold outside!