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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I Don't *Heart* Huckabees 

The other day, KT and I were watching Octane. It's one of those movies I call "WTF?!? movies". You know those movies that don't quite make sense or the quality of the movie is just crappy.

A mother (Madeleine Stowe) and her daughter have been bickering since the 6-hour drive back from picking up her daughter at her ex-husband's house. Taking a break, they stop at a highway diner. They bicker again. Mom gets up to make a phone call. She comes back and sees her daughter outside. The daughter gets into an RV with a few people that the mother has seen previously. She discovers that these people are in a cult and they have recruited her daughter. So, the mother goes to some lengths to rescue her daughter back.

Eh. It's just not that great at all. And the ending just doesn't make sense.


On my day off, I watched Yesterday. It's a sad movie about a Zulu woman, Yesterday, discovering that she has HIV. After she's been notified by the local doctor of her status, she travels to Johannsburg (sp?) to inform her husband. After she informs her husband, she's met with physical beatings...at work. Yesterday returns home and continues life with her young daughter. Not long afterwards, the husband was fired from his job due to his excessive illnesses and returns home. Because the local hospital is full, Yesterday builds a metal shed as a hospice for her dying husband. Despite her own illness, Yesterday is determined to stay strong for her husband and to live long enough until her daughter starts school.

Like I said, sad movie. Make sure you have a box of Kleenex with you.


Ok, some time ago, some people were raving about I ♥ Huckabees. Last night, KT and I watched it. Within minutes, KT fell asleep. He may have been tired but I'm sure the boring factor was the major part of his falling asleep. I was bored with it but decided to finish the movie. Lawdy! Should've stopped it in the beginning.

Something about existentialism and how we're all connected (or not, depending which philosophy you like). Whateva!


News of the Day:

Is this some big conspiracy that we're just now being made aware of? First, we have Guantanamo Bay. Now, we have a European investigator saying he has evidence against the U.S. that the CIA has been holding detainees in Europe. However, when word leaked out, the detainees were hid in North Africa. What the heck is going on?

And just to cover their ass, the UK is clarifying their stance with the American's "black sites".


President Bush rejects the notion that he's a racist.


In Biritiba Mirim, Brazil, there's no more room in the ground to bury the dead. They cannot be cremated, due to religious and environmental reasons. There are laws forbidding additional cementaries. So, what does the mayor do? He has proposed a bill to outlaw death.


I'm currently reading Stevie Platt's Go to the Hill. If the author's name is familiar to you, that's because he's a local gay Deafie living in Virginia.
I'm still in the beginning parts of the book. However, I already have some criticism for the book. I'm not sure if he got an editor for his book. If he didn't, he should've gotten one. If he did, he should've fired that one and gotten another one.
I'll finish the book and let ya know about it.



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ta ta for now...