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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Manito was an interesting film. However, don't watch it if you're prone to motion sickness. Images and scenes are jarring...sorta like watching The Blair Witch Project.

At first, it may just seem like there's no story plot and the film is just jumping from one scene to another without any connection. However, just bear with it and the story will unfold.

It's mainly about Manito and his graduation from high school. Graduation from high school is a major milestone and a cause for celebration within Hispanic families. Most drop out of high school, due to familial obligations (such has having to look for a job to contribute), crime or deportation, among other reasons.

Anyways, something bad happens after the party for Manito's graduation, which then leads to an impact that can be "life-changing". The family members struggles to find ways to get Manito out of this particular situation.

If you like watching cultural films that include family dynamics and societal impacts, then you'll enjoy this one.



A woman in Lehighton, PA is suing Pizza Hut for $25K. FOR FOR? She ordered hot poppers as an appetizer. When her order arrived, she picked one up and bit into it. However, when she bit into it, while it was pipping hot, it popped.

She claims she is permanently impaired because the hot oil has burned her chin.

Well, that's not the end of it. Her husband is also suing for $25K. His reasons? Loss of companionship and comfort of his wife.


Anyways, ta ta for now...