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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Ahhh. It's so quiet here at work. People usually take the week off from work between Christmas and New Year's.

I'm here at work, saving my vacation hours for Spring Break and graduation...you know, all those parties and families and friends visiting to help celebrate with us. Plus, I still got some work to do and it'll help with less people around.

Anyways, Christmas was good. Saturday morning, we were up by 5:30am. We were on the road by 6. I was like...what the hell are we doing up at such an ungodly hour? But, hey, there's no traffic at this time. It was so relaxing to drive without any tense or road rage building up.

After we were able to escape the DC area, we stopped in Chester, VA for breakfast at Denny's. It's rare that we eat at Denny's. When we do, we always order Moons Over My Hammy for breakfast. It's ham, egg and cheese on sourdough bread with a side of hash brown. Mmmmm! Delicious!

Of course, anytime we're in another place, we love to people-watch. Vee vee.

Drove the rest of the way to Durham. It was nice to see KT's family once again. I finally got to meet his sister and her family from Minnesota. We basically hit it off well. Of course, I'm so ever grateful to have KT in my life because you know how it is with Deafies and hearing family members. You talk, lip-read and ask for repeats until you've just had enough. It's Deaf time! KT and I would just carry our own conversations among people. Then, people go "are you talking about me?" or "you're not talking about me, are you?" *fake smile*

No, really. We had a good time with KT's family. They've always been warm to us and kept us posted about things. Christmas was great, with the gift exchanges and eating all the junk food! Damn KT's mother! She made some fabulous holiday treats!

After 2 days, we were ready to come home. Plus, I needed to come home to rest up before I came to work today. I hate to come back from a vacation or a getaway and then have to work the next day.

So, Monday, we drove back home. Traffic, ugh! Why are there traffic jams/stops in the middle of nowhere on Virginia's highways?!?!?

Anyways, we get home and we had our own Christmas. Now, that was even more fun! We got each other some great stuff. Then, it was just nice to be at home with no one else other than my beloved, KT. Isn't home such a wonderful place?

Yesterday, we headed out to some place to buy some stuff and look for some bargains on Christmas stuff. Came home and relaxed the rest of the day.

KT got some video games, some from Xmas and some from yesterday's purchases. We got one of those retro Atari game console from KT's dad for Xmas. Talk about a stroll through memory lane! Some games I recognized and many others I did not. I wasn't one of those lucky kids who had Atari games when they first came out. I played them whenever I went over to friends' houses or at my cousins'.

So, I guess I'll be busy playing video games with KT until school resumes. These video games had us laughing, especially those Atari games. My favorite is that ping pong game. Simple, I know, but it's a load of fun!


Of course, I've been watching movies during the Christmas weekend.

First, I finally finished watching 4 Weddings and a Funeral. Not bad, not bad. I totally loved the idea of adding subtitles whenever Charles (Hugh Grant) and his Deaf brother carried a conversation in BSL.

I hate it when people repeat or "interpret" what the Deaf character is signing. Classic example: Children of the Lesser Gods. Whenever Sarah signed, James would say what Sarah is signing and then he'll respond. You'll see that in many other movies or TV shows, involving Deaf characters. (This is different when an interpreter is present.)

Subtitles are the way to go for this type of dialogues. Hey, we can't help it if people are signing-impaired. (I first saw this term "signing-impaired" in the introduction of Audism Unveiled.)


XX/XY was an interesting movie. I only wanted to watch this because it has Mark Ruffalo in it. I first saw him in In the Cut (a pee-pee movie!)

Initially, I had assumed him to be Vincent D'Onofrio, who stars as Detective Robert Goren in Law & Order: Criminal Intent. However, it's really quick to see that these are 2 different guys.

Hey! Now I know which actors I'll utter when people ask me which actors I find cute/sexy. I usually have to think and think for a long period of time before I can come up with a name. I know! I know! Gay men should be able to come up with a plethora of names within a nano-second. (Aw, suck this!)

Well, I think Mark and Vincent are both sexy!


Then, saw Finding Neverland. It's inspired by true events around the man who created the Peter Pan story. I have one word for this movie: boring.


Next, I saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Lots of people have claimed that this was a GREAT movie and that I'll love it. Well, it was a good movie with some funny lines. But, it wasn't a GREAT movie to me. Some parts were a bit slow and some others could have been edited or replaced with other scenes. Overall, it was an enjoyable movie. Would I watch it again? Nah.


When we came home from North Carolina, we watched one of the movies that KT gave me for Xmas. (I pah got more gay DVD's. My collection was practically non-existent of gay movies.) We watched Bear Cub. I don't think I recall any other movies (that's not porn), involving gay bear characters. Overall, I liked this mellow movie.

Chalk this one up to your pee-pee movie collection! You're gonna see some pee-pee's here! Really! It's about time! Seeing boobies in movies is sooo...1980's.

Anyways, Bear Cub is set in Madrid. It's about this one bear guy, Pedro, who's a dentist and is just enjoying his gay life. His sister drops off her son with Pedro before heading off to India for a vacation. However, things go awry with the mother which Pedro ends up taking care of his nephew longer than expected.

I thought it was cool that Spanish subtitles were added in a couple of scenes. My assumption is that there was a different Spanish used in the movies by other characters. Yeah, I'm still obsessing about subtitles and ASL. Really, it makes perfect sense.


We finished up watching Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!). Cute movie as always (with Charlie Brown in it)!


All Over Me was a slow movie with some simple plots. It's about 2 gals, one's a lesbian, and their fucked up friendship in New York.

One is involved with a guy who's involved in the murder of a gay man, who lived in the same apartment building where the lesbian lives.


If you've seen Michael Moore's Roger & Me or any of his other documentaries and like it, then you'll like The Corporation. It's a reality that will slap you in the face. This film is gonna tell you the history of corporations in America and tell you what corporations have been and will be doing. Some of the stuff presented here are gonna make your jaws drop.

We haven't finished it because it is quite long at 2 and half hours. However, it is interesting and of course, watching it makes you wanna talk about it, during and after the movie. So, I'm looking forward to finishing it.


Of course, I've also been reading books. I got to finish up Stevie Platt's Go to the Hill. I still stand by my previous statement about this book...needing edits or a better editor. I try not to be a stickler of English grammar but there were some errors that were noticeable enough to make you stop and figure out what Platt was trying to say.

I think this was a big accomplishment for Platt, especially since he has spent considerable amount of time into this book. I just hope that in his future books that he'll develop an in-depth background on some characters and allow them to have longer "lines" or dialogues. Most of the dialogues were pretty simple. Conflicts were simplistic. Complexity is something that Platt could utilize, which would benefit the book and readers' interests.

If you're up for a simple story, then this book is for you. Despite my feedback, I still think it's awesome for Platt to achieve this accomplishment. Not only that, but he has already published his second book and is working on a third book. That just gotta be fantastic.


Then, I read Law & Order: Crime Scenes, which I got for Xmas. Being a Law & Order freak, I was just so happy to get this book! I just wish there was more in the book. However, I still liked it!


Now, I'm reading Trace, written by one of my favorite authors, Patricial Cornwell, which I also got for Xmas. It's just so good to get my Kay Scarpetta mystery fix! I'll prolly finish it before the week is over. (Well, maybe not since I'm bound to head outta town this weekend.)


News of the Day:

Not too long ago, the KKK was rallying against gay marriages in Texas. Now, they're gonna rally in Iowa on the same issue.


New Orleans police are under fire, once again, for the shooting of a knife-welding man.


Anyways, I best get going. Ta ta for now...