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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Kitty, Kitty 

Last night was pretty much a quiet night. KT and I were just tired from getting up so early in the morning, going to work, going to class and then back to work. We just came home and ate dinner, while watching a couple shows. We were both trying not to fall asleep towards the end of the second show. We told each other, after this show, we're going to bed. It was like 9 o'clock.

Usually, when we get home, our cats go flying outside. Then, they come in for their dinner. Then, they go back outside. We'll let them stay out until we go to bed and then they come in. We don't let them out overnight while it's cold.

Well, last night, Tigger was already in the house. I guess he wasn't in the mood to be outside after dinner. So, after the second show, I got up to let Mercy back in the house for the night. However, he wasn't there. So, I called out his name over and over. He was a no-show.

I thought I'd wait a few more minutes before calling him again. Well, just before I closed the door, I thought I saw something. I saw a cat, under a table in the porch. I thought, how strange that Mercy is just sitting there and not coming to the door to get in the house. But then I realized it was another cat because Mercy doesn't meow his head off like this one was doing. It came out and saw that it was a black kitten.

Well, I just could not shut the door on this meowing kitten in the cold. So, I got KT to come and take a look. He was like, well, let'em in! So, in comes the kitten and checking out the house. The tail was mangy. We were like, he must've been hurt. It looked hungry. So, we got cat food and water and brought them to the kitten. It ate the food like it hadn't eaten for days.

Afterwards, we checked out the kitten. It's black with a small patch of white hair on the chest and another patch on the the lower stomach. It's about 5 to 6 months old. And it's a boy.

We knew this cat had been with humans because he was just begging to be touched. Awww, needed some TLC. So, we just petted him over and over while he just meowed repeatedly.

By now, KT and I were wide awake and playing with the kitten. We asked each other what to do with the kitten. Tigger was a stray which KT couldn't turn away. KT was telling me that that was the same size Tigger was when he first walked into KT's home. This was like deja vu for him.

Well, Tigger avoided him and hid like he was the plague.

I was like awww, he's so cute but not sure if we should keep him or not. We're gonna be busy during this last semester of school. I was iffy about keeping the kitten or not. Then, I was like thinking up different names for the kitten. KT was like...OMG, don't do that, naming the kitten if you're not gonna keep it because it'll be harder to give it away. I was like...I know, I know but still.

Then, I let Mercy in. He comes in all happy, ready to settle for the night. That was until he walked into the living room and stopped dead in his path when he saw the kitten.

Mercy then ran and hid.

KT and I were like...do do?!?! It was 10 o'clock by then and I was like, I need to go to bed because we had to get up early as well.

So, off to bed we went. The kitten followed us as well.

Through the night, the kitten alternately slept with me and then with KT. He'll rub his body on your face or against your hands. Then, he'll settle in on a spot, usually near my face and sleep for a time. Then, he'll get up and go to KT or move to another spot. I found myself waking up every half hour or so with him rubbing against me and settling down to sleep.

He was just so hungry for attention!

This morning we get up and he's just following us around and meowing incessantly. Before we left, we were like, what are we gonna do with the kitten? I told KT that I know that we'd love to have a 3rd cat again. However, with him being such a young cat starving for attention, he's bound to steal our focus away from our graduate studies.

We'd love to get another cat but now it's not the right time. Oh, he's adorable!

Plus, it didn't help when I tried to approach Tigger to give him some attention and he hissed at me. I was like, bitch! Finally, he stopped hissing at me. I came to him and petted him. Well, he still wasn't happy because he was growling when I was petting him and the kitten was nowhere in sight. Yeah, I get it, you're not happy with a new cat in the house.

So, we've decided that tonight we'll drop off the kitten at the animal shelter. It's only been 1 night and I know that it'll be hard to let him go, at least for me. He's a cute kitten, who just need a lot of TLC. It's just that right now it's not the right time for us to get a new cat.


He's still a cute kitten!