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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New Year Resolutions 

I stopped doing new year resolutions some years back because they're usually broken by the end of January or February.

I'm sure for most of us, one of the major resolutions is to lose weight. However, in the past few years, I've never seen such a wide range of diets made available to us, especially in the wake of a nationwide epidemic of obesity.

Which one is right? South Beach Diet? Atkins Diet? Sonoma Diet? Weight Watchers? Jenny Craig? The Biggest Loser regimen? Low-carb? Low-fat? Low-sodium? Portion-control? No white (potato, bread, rice) diet? Organic food only? Vegetarianism? Nutri-System? Fasting? Liquid diet? blood-type diet? Mayo Clinic Plan? Mediterranian diet? glycemic impact diet? green tea diet? popcorn diet? soup diet? The Zone diet? Richard Simmons regimen? personality diet? Medifast diet? Abs diet?

Arrrgggghhhhhhh! So many offering promised results!

Then, the other day, I was reading Amanita's blog and she blogged an article about the American vs. the French/European way of eating. It is an interesting article, especially the last page. It is a debateable topic could lead to various subjects. Our way of living impacts our way of eating.

Yeah, our way of living impacts our way of eating. Look back 10, 20, 30 years ago and compare them to today's time. Way different! Technology, of many aspects, does have an impact on our eating styles. (Read the link above to get what I'm saying.) I think that we need to pause and make it a habit to actually pay attention to what we're eating.

Of course, having an exercise routine enhances weight loss. MSNBC has posted articles today in regards to losing weight and exercising. I'm providing a link here, which you'll find other links in the article.

Overall, diet or not, we've got to have an active habit of eating healthy, along with an alert consciousness of what you're putting in your mouths. Quit worrying about trying to lose 10, 20, 30+ pounds in one month with these fad diets. (Although, that would just be heavenly for some of us.) A loss of a pound should be seen as an accomplishment as well as a motivation to lose more.

Healthy eating brings healthy results.

ta ta for now...