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Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I had the same excitement of going to NYC as the last time I was there in '99. It was just a brief feeling of nostalgia when stepping out of the bus terminal and surrounding myself among the throngs of people rushing around in the streets of New York.

The first thing that Manny, KT and I did, when we got off the bus, was look for dinner. We were ravenous! We headed to the nearest fast food joint, which was McDonald's. I remember when I was there in '99 with a friend, we were like barely having any money between to last a weekend. I remember going into McDonald's and balking at the slightly higher price for the simple #1 combo. This time, I was like...ah, an extra dollar or two is nothing.

After stuffing our mouths, we hailed a cab. Goodness! I thought DC cab drivers were awful. Hunny, they're gentlemen compared to NYC cab drivers. I was seated in the middle between Manny and KT in the backseat. The cab driver was zigzagging like Tron. I was like...aaaahhhh! Manny and KT were like, don't look. I was like, I can't help it but look!

We stopped by a friend's apartment to drop off our things and changed for the night out. We headed over to Avalon, to meet a friend of Manny's. Avalon was interesting. It was formerly a church, which I'm guessing from the exterior design, a Catholic one. However, once inside, you don't feel like you're in a church. This is a place to go if you wanna vee-vee people.

One thing I've noticed for most of the places that I've been to in NYC was that some restrooms were unisex, including Avalon. I thought unisex bathrooms only existed in Ally McBeal.

Another thing I vee vee about Avalon is that there was a DJ playing in the restroom entrance. O..........k!

After that, we headed over to G Lounge. Pretty much did a quick walk-through because it was kinda dead in there. Headed over to Gym Sports Bar. Now, that's what I call a gay sports bar. DeLounge, in Wheaton, MD, declared that it has a sports bar but their area is nothing like a sports bar. Gym had a relaxing atmosphere with 9 big TV, a bar with a wide range of beverages and a pool table.

Headed over to XL. The only interesting part about this bar was their restroom. They have a communal urinal, which a huge aquarium is placed on top. You can view the fish swimming about while you're emptying your bladder.

We didn't get to bed til about 4am.

The next day, we were up around noon. We headed out and walked and shopped around in Chelsea, Greenwich Village and Soho. Oh. My. God. I think I've done enough walking to last me 2 lifetimes. All we did was walk, shop, walk, shop, walk, shop, walk, shop and forever.

We did stop by Better Burger. It's an interesting restaurant that's geared to serving those who like to eat healthy and organic foods. I told Manny that whoever sets one up in DC would do well because there is a demand for organic foods and a restaurant would just be heaven for them.

Let me tell you something, my feet were KILLING me! Yet, I just kept on walking. I wanted to keep seeing all the neat stores and watch people.

Oh yeah, it was snowing too. I have never ever seen such BIG snowflakes! They were like the size of dollar coins, if not bigger. Some were long like a bird's feather.

Then, we came home just to drop off our shopping bags, change clothes and head out to celebrate the New Year. I was like whimpering at the thought of my feet having to suffer more.

We headed over to Splash to celebrate New Year's. The dancers there were so-so, but they had some eye-catching packages. Their restrooms were interesting. Let's see if I can describe it. Splash has 2 floors. The first floor is where they have a dance floor and a performing stage, along with 2 bars.
Downstairs is dark, with the back part of the room being a lounge area. On one side of the room are shower stalls. I'm guessing dancers shower there, where the general public can see them showering. On the front side of the room, are some frosted windows. The general public can see shadows of guys entering the stalls and doing their business. Ok, let me clarify that. You go into a stall. You can see that you're gonna pee into a communal urinal. Oh yeah, there's a clear glass between pairs of stalls, where you can see the next guy emptying his bladder as well.
If you gotta do #2, there are stalls across the "hall", windowless, to do so.

I know I've been talking about the restrooms in almost all the bars and clubs that I've gone to. But hey, it seems like that was the most distinct feature of each place. Seems New Yorkers like their bathrooms to be aesthetically pleasing.

One thing I didn't like about this bar was the performing stage. It's a little stage where a performer has to remain behind a ledge across. I was like, how limiting!

After the celebration of the new year, we headed over to XL for a little while and then headed home to sleep.

Sunday, KT and I got up early and spent the morning in Times Square. We had a good time. Headed back to meet up with Manny and go shopping with his friend. Of course, my feet were still aching from the day before. And all we did was shop, walk, shop, walk, which went on forever.

We saw a little bit of Little Italy and strolled through Chinatown. Neat little place.

We finally made it back home that night. Manny was gonna change and head back out for the night. KT and I were like...we're staying in! However, Manny sprained his knee and so he stayed in with us. We were all lying on a bed, pooped out!

Afterwards, we made it back to DC on Monday night. Overall, we had a good time in NYC and look forward to going back for another shopping spree.

I thought I would have a chance to sleep in late on Tuesday. However, I was up at 6am as I had to meet a friend to accompany her in another city to complete errands. We just love to talk all day. Wanted to chat more through the rest of the day and into the night but we both had other stuff to do. Headed home and just plopped my tired ass on the sofa.

Now, I'm back at work.


On the way up to NYC, we watched Regular Guys, a German gay movie. It was alright because I thought it was too long. Basically, a guy gets dumped from his fiance and kicked out of the apartment as well. He unknowingly ends up at a gay bar, which he passed out after drinking so much. Wakes up and realizes he's naked with a guy and assumes they've done the deed.
There is a couple of locker room scenes, where you'll catch brief glimpses of pee-pee's!


A friend sold us tickets to Wicked. We're so excited that we'll finally be able to see the show. KT had wanted to get tickets earlier but they were sold out...fast! So, we're gonna see it on Sunday. Yayness!


Ugh! I was told that Brokeback Mountain will now be captioned. However, I've yet to see one that will be in the DC area. Arrrggghhhh!


I was informed about a new site that has an aggregated listing of deaf blogs. What I like about this site is similar to what Xanga does. If you go to the home page, you'll see a short listing of the most recently published entries by Deaf bloggers, around the world.

So, check it out and add your blog to the site, Deafies!

Ohhhh, more bloglinks for my blog!


Anyways, ta ta for now... (wishing y'all a great new year!)