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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Pay Up 

Wow! I just realized the ramifications of tax stuff in domestic partnerships between state and federal levels.

Gays in domestic partnerships and working for the state in Rhode Island have been slapped with a massive tax debt.

The IRS considered health and insurance benefits as taxable income.

The state director of administration said that when the legislation for domestic partner benefits was enacted, there was no provision for the state to deduct tax on these benefits.

Of course, the federal government doesn't recognize domestic partnerships and assumes that two strangers are living together.

Right now, gay state employees and activists are saying that the state should pay for this mistake, not them. Of course, the state isn't gonna pay for the debt. Instead, the state director has offered no penalties or interests on the monies owed and offered no-interest loans.

Oh yeah...no-interest loans are taxable by the IRS.

So, you might reap benefits by the state but the federal government is gonna come after you and tax your asses.


Yesterday, I blogged about Haleigh Poutre, an 11-year-old girl, who was beaten nearly to death by her stepfather and has been on life support.

Massachusetts high court ordered her off life support after doctors said that she was in a persistent vegetative state.

However, after she was taken off life support, she began to respond to stimuli. Further testing will be done to determine her overall health.


Well, ta ta for now...