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Monday, January 30, 2006

Still Movie Slutting 

Whoo, the new work/school schedule has me worn out by the end of the week. So, all I wanted to do was just relax and watch movies.

Finally saw Sound of Music. Yep, I know. About 99% of the world has already seen it. It was pretty good but I dunno if I'll watch it again like I would for My Fair Lady.

Next classic movie to watch: Gone With the Wind. (I know! I know! At least, I'm catching up with the classics.)


Friday night, KT and I went over to Roy and Stephen's house for Roy's art show. This was our first time ever to go as we were finally free from other plans. I saw a painting I wanted but it was already sold. Saw another one I liked but just found out that it was purchased as well. Dammit!

Anyways, at first, there was a good turn-out. Then, later in the evening it was packed! It's good to see Deafies coming out to support Deaf artists and their works.

I still want Susan Dupor's "Family Dog"!!!


Elizabeth was an interesting movie. This film is about Queen Elizabeth I of England. Thanks to a prior reading of Philippa Gregory's The Queen's Fool, that I was able to understand what was going on in the film as well as getting the background of this particular royal history.

Queen Mary is dying and doesn't have a heir to pass on the throne. Next in line is her half-sister, Elizabeth. The problem was that Mary was Catholic and Elizabeth was Protestant. In those days, you were burned at the stake for being a Protestant. However, Elizabeth was a sly character even though she comes across as naive. Mary wanted Elizabeth to promise that she'll keep the Catholic Church as the true church. Elizabeth wouldn't. Mary's people tried to push for the execution of Elizabeth but Mary just couldn't. Mary dies and Elizabeth becomes queen.

Now, Elizabeth's people pushes her to get married. Elizabeth is like, what for? Suitors for the kings of Spain and France come to offer their proposals to Elizabeth. Meanwhile, England is facing wars and shortages. She's portrayed as naive but in the end, you'll realized that she wasn't stupid but was just being sly the whole time.

It's a good movie. Just be forewarned that it's a slow-paced movie.


Saturday, we watched Underworld: Evolution. I thought it was awesome as it was action-packed from the beginning to the end. The saga continues with the war between the vampires and the werewolves. Oh yeah, and hybrids too.


There were some previews in the movies that looked good and made me wanna check them out.

Stay Alive is about a group of gamers discovering a game. However, they realized that once their character die, they die as well.

I hope it'll be a gooood movie.

KT and I were most excited about this preview, Silent Hill. It's finally coming to the big screen. KT and I have played all of their games and they're quite scary.

The characters in the movie are exactly like the game. I absolutely cannot wait to check this out!

It seems to be the latest trend to convert video games to movies. Not too long ago, I had a chat with Philip about this. Some movies turn out ok and others flop.

Tron - was considered ahead of its time (it was rumored Tron 2 will come out but I can't find any info)
Super Mario Bros.- sucked!
Resident Evil - I thought the 2 movies were pretty good.
Doom - haven't seen it though
Bloodrayne - I'm not sure if this has been released yet or not

The previews for V for Vendetta kinda reminds me of The Shadow. I'm not quite sure if this appeals me or not. I guess I'll wait and see what the reviewers will say about this movie.

Tom Cruise will reprise his role as Ethan Hunt in Mission: Impossible III. Looks good!


After the movie, Manny, Merritt, KT and I walked by Lucky Strike, the newest bowling alley in Chinatown. I had previously heard some complaints about their "rules" by some bloggers. Bloggers questioned the agenda behind these rules. Seems that these rules were established to eliminate the unwanted, particularly the "ghetto" blacks.

So, we stopped by and saw a listing of their posted rules, outside the building:

NO sweats or atheletic wear
NO skull caps of any kind
Baseball hats must face forward
NO excessively baggy clothing
NO torn or soiled clothing
NO shirtless vests or jackets
NO sleeveless shirts for men
NO exposed intimate apparel
NO sports jerseys
NO baggy white t-shirts
NO chains

While we were reading the rules, one of the 2 black "bouncers" approached Merritt. He told Merritt that his zippered hooded shirt was not appropriate for the bowling alley. Ok, we were just simply looking at the rules. The short pudgy bouncer was already harassing Merritt. Merritt was like, we're just reading the rules. The bouncer kept telling him about his clothing. It was like...we get it, we weren't planning to come in, just reading your damn rules, so fuck off!

Then, I was appointed to go in and ask about the prices for bowling. That same bouncer was like, we're booked for the night. I was like, I just wanna ask for the price. He was like, we're booked! I said, I just wanna know how much for the future. Gawd, what a dumbfuck! Then, I was allowed to go in and get a brochure. When I came out, the same bouncer told me, "hey, your friend has an attitude problem!" I just gave him my fake smile and walked away.

Lucky Strike, tell your people not to harass people when they're just simply inquiring or reading your damn rules. Because of your harassing employee, I don't think I'll bowl there...ever.


By the way, if you should ever go see a movie in Chinatown, get free parking. You can park in the garage on 6th and H Streets. Get your parking ticket validated at the theatre for 3 hour free parking.


News of the Day:

Christian university compares expelling gays to stamping out smoking. A gay student was expelled from the university.

Now, this gets interesting. Apparently, the university knew Michael Guinn was gay and let him continue as a student. However, the university made him sign a pledge that he was not to tell anyone of his "lifestyle" unless he knew them well. Apparently, he didn't adhere to the pledge and thereby, has been expelled.


Abstinence/Religous groups get 25% of HIV/AIDS funding.


The Army in Fort Bragg, NC will investigate its 7 soldiers who apparently appeared in gay porn website.

Kweisi Mfume, a Maryland candidate for the Senate, supports marriage rights for gay couples.

ta ta for now...