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Monday, January 09, 2006


Despite our weekend of illnesses, KT and I were able to watch the Wicked musical at the Kennedy Center yesterday.

We were able to score the tickets through the folks of a friend, who were not able to make it due to a situation. So, we were thrilled that we were finally able to go.

This is the very first time that KT and I had been to the Kennedy Center, despite the fact that we both lived in DC for 8 years. Disappointing, eh?

Anyways, we get in and am suprised how spacious this place is. Half an hour before the show started, they let us all in. We get to our seats. We're located on the left side of the stage, where the caption display is at. We looked around and noticed that we were like the only "D"eaf people there, signing our little conversations. The others were using those audio loops and SimCom'ing every now and then.

It was weird to see how these people knew each other. They were all like waving each other nearby and a few rows behind. It's like these people had the season tickets, just like those who have season tickets at a football stadium.

We had a brief conversation with the interpreting coordinator there. I already forgot her name but she has been there for 20 years. She said she had pushed for interpreting services, captions and other technologies for Deaf people and has been quite successful. She said she noticed that more and more Hard of Hearing people are attending the theatre than Deaf people. So, she's been pushing for more audio loops and other state-of-the-art gadgets.

I dunno if she was surprised to see us there or not but she seemed to enjoy having a brief conversation with us. She was just there to make sure the captionist was there with the laptop and making sure the Deaf/HoH patrons were ok. It was a common complaint that many of these HoH patrons felt they were seated too close to the stage and off to the left. We were 3 or 4 rows from the stage. Yeah, THAT close. They were telling the interpreting coordinator that they should put us in the center of the orchestra level. Her response was like "just go ask hearing people to trade seats with ya".

Anyways, I looked away and vee vee the theatre. The lighting system was just gorgeous. I wished they let us take pictures there so I could show you. It's just hard to describe. I love elaborate lights and unique chandeliers. When we go shopping and I see some fancy lights or chandeliers, I often tell KT "I want that for the house" and he just raises a brow...like, "yeah right!" Well, I don't care, I'm gonna get one...one day!

I skimmed through the Playbill before the play started. It was interesting to note that the current and former First Ladies, who are still living, are the Board of Trustees for the Kennedy Center.

Then, the room darkened and the play started.

Whoa! This was an awesome play, with some of interesting costumes, props design, choreography and characters! There was definitely creativity at work here.
Costumes - I love the plethora of costumes seen at this play. I was really impressed with the monkeys/flying monkeys wings and "metallic hair".
Props Design - One of the best I've ever seen. The metallic wizard. Elphaba & Galinda's bedroom. Oz Dust Ballroom. I loved how they had the monkeys flying, including Miss Elphaba at the end of Act 1.
Choreography - My favorite was the witch dance between Elphaba and Galinda at the ballroom.
Characters - If I had to pick one, I'd pick Galinda/Glinda. She had me and KT cracking up with her lines and her quicky motions. She did a superb job. Miss Elphaba was awesome as well.

I really don't have a complaint about this play other than a wish. I wish they made Miss Elphaba's face a bit more greener. Her hands were greener than her face.

However, overall, it was a fabulous play! You would not nor could not be disappointed if you went and saw this play.

Simply, wonderfully wicked!