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Thursday, February 09, 2006


"I had a bad day at/with...(fill in the blank)."

"It's my bad luck month."

"I forgot to take my medicine."

"I'm on my period."

"Cuz I feel like it!"

"You did it to me too!"

"I woke up on the wrong side of the bed."

"I hadn't eaten/slept enough today."

"I have ADD/ADHD."

"I assumed that..."

"I thought I could trust her/him not to share what you confided in me. Now, I know I can't trust her/him again."

"I was just kidding/joking/teasing."

"If they did it, why can't I?"

Is accountability a...lost art? Or rather a lost virtue?

Why is it that everyone loves to play the blame game? It's everyone's fault but not your own. It's never your fault. Oh, no! Heavens forbid!

Sure, there are some situations where it is completely out of your hand or that it's the powers that be that have caused some things to happen. However, I'm not talking about those situations.

I'm talking about those on a personal level, like with your friends, your families and your partners. You could even throw in your teachers, your classmates, your colleagues, your bosses and others.

It seems that we love to point our beloved index finger farthest away from our own bodies and towards someone else or something.

Failing to meet upon the agreed appointment doesn't give you the opportunity to blame whatever element that have caused you to forget. I mean, you can explain but you should offer an apology.

Hurting someone or their feelings isn't something you should do just because you felt like it, had a bad day, forgot to take your medicine, were kidding or whatever reasons. I mean, you can explain but you should offer an apology.

Assuming someone had said or did something towards you or someone else isn't a replacement for an apology. Gossip falls near here as well. "Someone else told me that..." Well, you spread that gossip to others so you're just as guilty as the person who started it. Go ahead and apologize.

Dialogues told to you in confidence are to be kept confided. You might've thought that you could trust your other friends and thought that they would not tell anyone else. "I'll never trust him/her again" isn't an apology. That's your way of getting out of owning up to your mistake for breaking confidence in the first place.

"I'm sorry" seems to be the hardest 2 words to utter. Sure, none of us like to own up to our mistakes and offer sincere apologies. It's hard! To do that, we have to swallow our pride and confess our wrongdoings and apologize for doing so.

We could all learn to start taking responsibilities for our own mistakes by quitting the blame game. Be a man or a woman and own up! You can explain your actions but close with a sincere apology. It sure does feel good when you say "I'm sorry".


Phil was reading up my old entries. He came across my entry about LowTee. Then, he found another site and shared with me. I just thought it was cool.


What you do is enter in your blog addy and blog name (optional), then you'll get a word cloud of various words that appears in your blog often. What's even better is that you can replace some words with another.

Here's a sample of mine:

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well, ta ta for now...