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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Animal Shelter 

Last week, I blogged about how we found a black kitten on our porch. After some thoughts, we decided to drop off the kitten at the Washington Humane Society off of New York Avenue.

As soon as they got him, they named him Coal. We were told that he'll be held 5 days to give the owners a chance to claim him before putting him up for adoption. We told him to PLEASE contact us if they should ever want to put him to sleep. We could not live with that.

We already have 2 cats. We'd love a third cat. We miss BJ dearly, who had to be put to sleep last year. With us being in our last semester of graduate school, we didn't think that we'd have time for a kitten. However, we were willing to make that exception if Coal was still not adopted and spare him from being put to sleep.

KT had been checking the website as they usually post pictures of animals, waiting to be adopted. He noticed that Coal hadn't been put up. He called one day and they couldn't locate him and asked him to call back the next day. Well, the next day was a busy day. So, on the second day, KT called back and turned out that Coal had been put to sleep even before KT made the first call.

He was put to sleep because he had URI, upper respiratory infection. That really pissed us off! When KT had adopted BJ and Mercy from WHS, they also had URI and were not put to sleep. URI is common in animal shelters. It's like a common cold and is treatable. So, that was really a fucked-up thing for them to do!

So, we have a beef with WHS. Not only that, but that has *scar* us from ever dropping off an animal to WHS.

Coal was just a kitten. We wished we had kept him instead.


News of the Day:

Speaking of animals, drug smugglers have been implanting heroin in stomachs of puppies.

Christians are complaining of a gay actor in a Christian movie, "End of the Spear".

Oklahoma pastor known for speaking out against homosexuality, Lonnie Latham, had been arrested after he approached an undercover male cop to come to his hotel room for oral sex. Now, the ACLU is defending him citing that the sodomy law has been overturned by the Supreme Court and that "consenting adults are free to do whatever they please in private".

19-year-old seaman challenges "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

D.C. wants its own crime lab. Well, wait a minute! How had they been solving crimes? They had been using the FBI's crime lab.


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ta ta for now...