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Monday, February 06, 2006

DPHH, CK & SuperBowl 

Before heading to DPHH in Crystal City, KT and I planned dinner with Kekua and Cliff. We were supposed to meet at American Cafe at PC Mall. However, we get there and discovered that it's no longer there. (I hadn't been to PC Mall in AGES!) Instead, we ate at California Pizza Kitchen.

Afterwards, we headed over to the Sports Pub where DPHH was held. Man, it was crowded! Nonetheless, it was good to see old faces and catch up with news. Had a good ol' time there.


Saturday, we headed over to Bethesda to celebrate CK's birthday at BD Mongolian Barbeque. It was good to CK and Alli as well as the others who were there. Again, another good ol' time!

I have to say that BD Mongolian is wonderful! It was our first time there and we'll definitely be back again. This place is where you scoop up some raw food, pasta and veggies into a bowl. Then, you pick your choice of sauce and head over to the "kitchen", where the chefs cook it for you. Mmm, mmm, mmm! Mine was good! It just takes some creativity.

We were telling everyone at the SuperBowl party about this place and they were all like, yeah, we've been there and it's oh so delicious. We were like, are we the only ones who hadn't been there?

Anyways, like I said, we'll definitely go back!


SuperBowl was a mellow event. The Steelers were already winning. I didn't see any "wow" commercials. Chatted with the people there more than watching the game.



Dela White, founder of Sunshine Cottage for the Deaf, was honored, with a Yellow Rose of Texas award, by the state.

I remembered when we were kids, the Deaf kids at Pfeiffer Elementary, a Day School for the Deaf, used to make fun of Sunshine Cottage for being a totally oral school and not allowing signs. But, each time that we went to the zoo, like for a field trip, we would look out the windows of the bus when we passed by Sunshine Cottage. Sunshine Cottage was about a block down from the zoo. Even though we were told that these kids don't sign, we would hope to spot one signing and maybe make a quick greeting as we passed by. However, it never happened.

It's interesting to remember that we may have been in different schools with different philosophies but we kids were still kids and we looked toward that opportunity to sign with each other.


Texas School for the Deaf celebrated their 150th anniversary last Friday.


Florida Democratic candidate Jim Davis stated that he supports gay adoption but not gay marriage. Hmmm, it's ok for a same sex couple to adopt kids but not ok for them to be married. O........k.


7-time Tour de France champion, Lance Armstrong, and singer, Sheryl Crow, have split. I'm sure people are gonna have some harsh words for Lance.


Well, ta ta for now...