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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Last night was the first class of internship, teaching ASL at Gallaudet. I was a bit nervous at first but then once I started class, I just became focused on the lesson plan and got the students involved in activities. Overall, I think it's gonna be a fun semester.

It was interesting teaching at night because time seemed to go by faster than during the day. Last semester, during practicum, time seemed to drag on slowly during the day. I think it doesn't help having class right after lunch.

I remembered when I was an undergraduate, I preferred having all my classes in the morning and be free for the afternoon. After lunch, that was nap time! After lunch, that was when everyone would be up for their "morning" and then head to classes. If I was stuck with an afternoon class, ugh! It was hard staying focused in class because I would be busy trying to stay awake. There must've been something in the cafeteria food!

Anyways, we get home last night and KT was SICK with the flu. There's some flu or stomach virus that's being passed around. I certainly hope he gets better real quick because he needs to be well for teaching his class tomorrow night. Plus, I cannot afford to be sick. Ugh, I hate being sick! *peace* So, right now, he's at home resting up.

It's hard when your sweetie is sick and stays at home to rest up because then you wanna fuck work and stay home as well. I was soooo tempted to do so. It didn't help that it was cold outside. I mean, you're already in a warm bed and it's like *for for* get outta bed. But, no, I got myself outta bed and got ready for work.


Yesterday, I came across Jeremy's blog and he posted an intelligence test. It was a challenge and made it past 19, which was the minimum for the genius level. I made it up to 23.

So, why don't you try it? We all need a little distraction every now and then.


This must be an awesome birthday week for CK. The Washington Post Express published an excerpt of his DeafDC.com blog about the Muhammad cartoon.


News of the Day:

Senators, both Democrats and Republicans, grilled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales over domestic eavesdropping. Senators basically told him that the President does not have a "blank check"; he just cannot do whatever the hell he feels like doing.

And thanks, Gonzales, for telling a little truth:

When Gonzales was asked why the administration didn't ask Congress to adjust the law to make it less burdensome, the attorney general replied: "The short answer is that we didn't think we needed to, quite frankly."

Well, you might not think you need to do or follow a particular protocol but the law is there and everyone has gotta follow it. No one is above the law. TYFVM


Yesterday, Stephen Harper became Canada's Prime Minister. It's been more than 12 years since anyone from the Conservative Party has been able to land this particular position.

This should be interesting because he has "pledged to cut taxes, clean up government corruption and reconsider such hot-button issues as gay marriage." So, what exactly will he reconsider in regards to gay marriage? I'm sure there'll be many eyes watching him.


Bravo to AOL and Yahoo who will start charging a fee to companies who send out bulk emails to combat spam and phishing emails.


What the heck?!? Some states had Social Security numbers imprinted on drivers' licenses. Now, Congress has ordered states to cease this practice. However, the DC DMV still offer motorists the option to have their SSN imprinted or not.

Worse! DC DMV officials admitted that they hadn't read the law carefully! Well, are we really that suprised?


Now, I don't care for baseball. However, I caught the news about the new Florida Marlins manager, Joe Girardi wanting no facial hair on players.

His reason: "I want players to look neat and responsible."

Oh please! Guys can look neat and responsible with trimmed facial hair. Some guys even look better with facial hair.


New Hampshire has a ban on gay marriage. However, they're not satisfied. Now, they want to ban same sex unions.

Vermont Governor Jim Douglas has stated that he'll veto a gay marriage bill.

Gay marriage seem to still be a hot issue. However, it does seem more and more states have successfully added the ban to their constitutions.

On a positive note, New York Governor George Pataki has signed into a law that allows domestic partners to make funeral plans.


A rare STD has been noted to grow among North American gays.


ta ta for now...