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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Over the Cold Weekend 

The coffee social last Friday was good. We had 30 people there. I usually get up and chat with just about everyone. But, that night, I was just tired and just stayed in my seat and chatted with those around me.

However, I enjoy the coffee social event because that's where I'll get some information about various things as well as catching up news with friends. As always, we'll have it each month. However, KT and I won't be there next month as we'll be in Las Vegas for Spring Break.


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After the coffee social, we came home and watched Saw 2. I wasn't so sure about this movie because sequels usually don't do so well. However, Saw 2 was an exception because it was still mind-boggling.

Jigsaw is back and so is one of the characters from the first movie. This time, Jigsaw plays a game with the detectives working on these complicated crimes. Jigsaw offers clues to the detectives in order to stop a cruel game. It is up to the detectives to figure out the clues to stop some unnecessary deaths. Check it out to see who lives and who dies.

It's a good movie, although the first movie is still better.


Comfort and Joy was a good mellow book. It's about the relationship of Ford and Dan.

Ford is a doctor. He's from old money. He was born and raised in Savannah, Georgia. His father is a doctor. His grandfather was a doctor and so on. The family expects their children to uphold the reputation and marry "good people".

Dan is from North Carolina. His family sells graves. He's from the country and you just do your best to make something out of life.

They both met at a hospital where Ford was working and Dan was caroling and later landed a job at the hospital. From there, that's when Ford and Dan started to date as well as falling in love with each other.

As Ford and Dan head over to North Carolina to spend Christmas with Dan's family, the book goes back in time to their individual life and their dating life as well as struggling with same-sex attractions. The book also goes into the initial years of Ford and Dan's blooming relationship, including Dan's HIV status and his occasional bleeding.

Then, we see Dan's family and their reaction to Dan and Ford's relationship which is the opposite for Ford's family. The reactions is something that a lot of us, gays, can relate or remember from family members. You might have had experienced the same reaction like Dan and Ford's families. For some of us, the reactions are the same from both families.

The book might touch a nerve for some of you because of the familial reactions. I found myself with a lump in my throat after reading about one family's treatment of their relationship. It's like, why do people still ultimatums, especially right in the face of love?

Like I said, it's a good book but in a mellow sense because the story moves quite slow.


Saturday was spent with Jon and Krista, who are good friends of ours. We met for lunch at BD Mongolian Barbeque. The last time I was there, I overlooked the spice section. I discovered it this time and mmmm, my meal was delicious!

Afterwards, we headed over to IKEA. I saw Terese, along with her hubby and son. They were taking advantage of the President's Day sale.

Why is it that whenever you're done shopping at IKEA, you come out pooped and wanting a nap?


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We came home from IKEA, pooped, and popped in The Devil's Rejects. O......k! This was one totally weird movie!

This is supposed to be a sequel to House of 1000 Corpses, which we didn't see. If we saw this movie first, I don't think we'll be watching The Devil's Rejects.

The police finally busted the sadistic family that have been kidnapping and killing people in some small old town in Texas. However, 2, actually 3, of the family members have managed to escape...to do more killings. The sheriff is determined to capture the other two, even if it means breaking the law.

It was interesting to see Patricia Barnes once again. Remember her? She played Terry, a nurse who was a roommate of Jack and Janet, in Three's Company.


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I've heard so much about David Sedaris and his books. So, I thought I'd check out one of his most popular books, Naked.

It was alright, not as funny as Augusten Burroughs. His first 2 or 3 chapters were funny but then after that, it was just alright.


Sunday was the big day because Brokeback Mountain was being captioned in Silver Spring. It was one of the talks at the coffee social. Everyone was encouraged to reserve tickets online for fear that the tickets would sell out for that showtime. So, we had ours reserved.

We thought we'd be safer to get there early to get our tickets and get good seating. Well, everyone else thought the same thing when we got there. So, there was a good hour of Deafies just chatting with each other in the auditorium.

Oh yeah, we bumped into Philip and Neal, along with his daughter. It was so good to see Philip once again!

Man, the auditorium was packed! I cannot recall the last time an auditorium was packed with Deafies. Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter? Star Wars?

Then, the movie started!

Wow, I loved the movie! I thought it was beautiful!

I could see how people have mixed reviews about the movie. I could see how some people view this as a gay movie and not. I believe it is a gay movie.

(-----Spoiler Alert!!!-----)

Ok, first of all, when Jack and Ennis had their first sexual encounter, I didn't think of it as a gay thing. I thought, well, they're up in the mountains for a long period of time, watching sheep. They only have each other as companions. I guess the need for intimacy or sex was greater than the fact that these were 2 men who weren't supposed to do anything "like that".

Then, after that first encounter, they started to get more intimate over time. Again, I thought, well, they're still isolated up in the mountain.

However, things started to change as feelings became involved. They were told that their job was over. Jack offered Ennis a chance for them to get together and Ennis said he was getting married. After they said their goodbyes, they split. However, when Jack was out of sight, Ennis cried. Was that a moment of regret? Was that a moment of a love lost? Was that a moment of knowing that you knew what you wanted but also knew you would not be allowed that in society?

They meet again in 4 years. Oh my god! That scene where Ennis' wife first sees Jack and Ennis in a compromising position sent goosebumps! You could hear the gasps across the auditorium. That had to be one of the best shots in the entire movie.

After that, they would meet once again, after a long while, in Brokeback Mountain. Jack was living in Texas and Ennis in Wyoming. Time and time again, Jack offers an opportunity for them to live together as well as working together but Ennis turns the offer down. Ennis reveals an incident from his past that scares from living "that kind of life".

Anyways, I've said a lot about the movie, which I'm sure that those who haven't seen it would like to not know a lot about it until they had a chance to see it.

So, what I'm saying is that this is definitely a movie about gay love between two men. They loved each other but could not really be with each other because of societal norms and pressures. They were in the wrong time and place.

Plus, after the movie, some of the "young" gay viewers were saying, "thank God I wasn't living during that time because I just don't know if I could deal with that". The older gay viewers were like "that was so true back then".

I just could not imagine denying myself a chance at true love.


After the movie, we headed over to Potbelly with Philip, Neal and his daughter. It was good to catch up with Philip with various topics. We had some good laughs.

Then, 3 hours went by fast and we already had to go on our separate ways. Bummer! At least, we took comfort that we'll see each other again...soon!


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Omigawd! I totally loved Eragon! It had my attention from the beginning to the end. Now, I cannot wait to get my hands on the second book, Eldest!

Eragon is a simple farm boy. One day, he came across a blue stone. He thought it would be a valuable stone, which he could trade for food. However, no one would want it, after Eragon revealed where he found it.

One night, the stone cracked and emerged a dragon, Saphira. After that, his life was never the same. The Ra'zoc are after him and Saphira. Brom, the town's storyteller, escapes with him and teaches him battle skills, magic and the ancient language of the elves. Eragon must learn these quickly if he is to survive and become a Rider.

The book is filled with telepathy, magic, dragons, Riders, elves, dwarves, a witch, a werecat, Urgals, Kull, Shades, and much more. They're plenty enough to capture your attention into a world of fantasy! Believe me, you're gonna want more after you read the first book!

Plus, if you like to read books before seeing the movie, you might wanna do so soon. Eragon will be made into a movie, expected to be released this year.


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Yeah, I've been in a reading frenzy. Now, I'm reading Sellevision, which was Augusten Burroughs' first novel. It's interesting that it's a book that doesn't involve Augusten in any way, unlike his other books.

However, I'm still wanting to read it and see what it's all about.

Plus, I've just discovered that this will also be made into a movie.


News of the Day:

Pastor, in Asheville, NC, announces that he will not do opposite-sex weddings until gay marriage is approved.

Man kills roommate over toilet paper.

Supreme Court approves of church's usage of hallucinogenic tea.


Well, ta ta for now...