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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


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Happy Valentine's, everyone! Especially to my sweetie, Kevin! *mwah*

It's nice to do something special to the ones you cherish and love. If you don't have anyone, then treat yourself something special. We do need to love ourselves, right?


Nothing much is going on right now, except school and work. Plus, I'm currently reading Comfort & Joy by Jim Grimsley.

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It's about 2 men, Ford and Dan, in a relationship and trying to work it out, just like anyone else in a relationship.

It's the Christmas holiday. Ford and Dan have flown to North Carolina to be with Dan's family. Ford is a doctor and his mind is preoccupied with constantly calling the hospital to get frequent updates of his patients. This constant preoccupation is starting to have an impact on their relationship.

Will they be able to work it out? I guess I'll find out when I finish the book.


ta ta for now... *mwah*