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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Austin & News 

The weekend in Austin and San Antonio was a mellow one. I was pooped from school and work. Barbie was pooped from her work and being a "single parent" while her husband was out of town for job assignments.

So, we just basically relaxed with some drinks and had some good ol' chats.

My cousin's wedding was a cute one. It was held at their home, which they had recently bought. There was about maybe 200 people there, if not more. It was good to see some relatives and family friends there.

I had to deal with relatives telling me "I didn't know you were gonna be here! Why didn't you tell me?" all night long. I just shrugged them off. I just came for my cousin's wedding and to show my support.

I stayed there for a couple hours and then headed back to Austin. I had to fly out very early in the morning the next day. Plus, I wanted to grab a few more hours with Barbie.

Like I said, a mellow weekend. I'll post some pictures once I use up the disposable camera.


Why is it that I never get interesting passengers on the airplane? Of course, I'd rather have KT with me but I went alone for this trip.

On the way to Austin, I was seated by the window. There was a guy next to me. On the aisle seat was a young blonde woman. I was reading a gay book, Shameless, which is about three people in England. They're all doing sex with someone, doing all kinds of drugs and dealing with life in general.

The guy next to me had this big ol' Bible. However, he kept reading his Bible and the in-flight magazine. He'd read a bit of the Bible and then close it. Then, he'll read the magazine and then close it. He'll go back to the Bible and so on. And he was being a "good Samaritan" to the young blonde next to him. However, I would catch the annoyed looks from her.

He kept doing everything for her. He'd put up her carryover up above. When the flight attendants were passing out the drinks and she got her, he put down the tray for her. She quickly looked at him like "I got it". Then, when trash was being collected, he would like collect her trash with his trash and toss it out. She rewarded him with a fake smile. When the plane landed, she got up and retrieved her carryover. However, he got up and helped her. She said, I got it. He wouldn't hear of it. He took over and brought it down. She looked at me and gave me this frustrated look.

Then, when I was coming back to DC, the first "leg" of the flight to Houston wasn't bad. However, a guy sat in the middle next to me from Houston to Baltimore. OMG! He must've competed in an eating contest of tuna sandwiches. He REEKED of tuna! I stuffed my mouth with minty gum with the hopes that the minty flavor would send an minty aroma to my nose. It helped some.

It also helped that I was reading Memoirs of a Geisha, which is a fascinating book. You know that adage where reading is an adventure into another world. Memoirs of a Geisha does that for you. It's so descriptive that you can actually imagine the setttings that Chiyo/Sayuri described.

It's a story of a young poor girl, Chiyo, who was eventually sent to live in a okiya to be trained as a geisha. Westerners often assumed that a geisha is a prostitute, which is not. The geisha culture is so fascinating, yet complicated. There's so many things Sayuri, formerly Chiyo, must learn to be an accomplished geisha. I haven't finished the book but Sayuri became one of the most famous geisha in the history of Japan.

I cannot wait to finish the book and then check out the DVD, which is supposed to be released in a week or two.


Dr. I. King Jordan is featured in the March issue of Washingtonian. You can read the article here.

Tonight on HBO's Real Sports, Bryant Gumbel will profile Gallaudet's basketball team. Jimmy DeStefano will be interviewed.


Jeffrey Dahmer revisited?

Widow of Christopher Reeve, Dana, dies at 44 of lung cancer.

South Dakota bans nearly all abortions. They hope that the case will go to the Supreme Court where abortion opponents can argue against the 1973 ruling.


ta ta for now...