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Thursday, March 02, 2006


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Yaaahoooo! I'm flying out to Austin later this afternoon! My cousin is getting married in San Antonio on Saturday. So, I'm flying in to stay with one of my CLOSEST, BESTEST, FAVORITE friends, Barbie, in Austin.

Plus, it'll be so nice to get some of that warm weather. I need the sun!!! I'm gonna feel like a vampire when I see that hot sun but I'm gonna embrace it!

Plus, Mexican food! Margaritas! 'Nuff said!

It's gonna be a good time!


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I saw this 2 nights ago after a long day of school, work and teaching ASL. I was pooped! I saw this recorded on the Tivo list and thought I'd catch up on my movies. Boy, I guess I should've saved that for another day. I found myself angry with some of the perspectives...of course, the hearing's perspectives.


This documentary focused around the Artinian families in Long Island. Peter and Chris Artinian are brothers. Peter is Deaf. Chris is hearing. Peter's wife, Mari, and 3 children are Deaf as well. Chris, of course, is a CODA and so is his wife, Nita. Chris and Nita had twin sons, which one is deaf.

Peter and Mari were alarmed when their daughter expressed an interest for a cochlear implant. They discovered that her desire was due to communication barrier with hearing kids in the neighborhood as well as seeing other kids having CI's.

Peter and Mari were resistent at first. However, they decided to explore cochlear implant with research and meeting with those who had one. They asked some interesting questions that reaped interesting answers.

However, their daughter, Heather, soon changed her mind especially after she had a tour of the Maryland School for the Deaf in Frederick. You could see that her demeanor was different with the classroom of students with CI's, where none of them knew signs, and the class at MSD with Deaf students.

Chris and Nita were devastated when one of their twin sons was diagnosed deaf. I found that to be interesting because both of their parents are Deaf. Chris' brother is Deaf. You would assume that growing up with deafness around you, you would be comfortable with it or that it would be "second nature". However, this was not the case.

They soon explored cochlear implants and found that their son was a candidate for the surgery.

Of course, the Deaf community, along with Peter and Mari, reacted strongly to their decision. You'll also see perspectives from Chris, Nita as well as their parents. Peter and Chris' mother royally pissed me off! I had to stop the movie to take a breather.

There was one scene that was truly intense and was emotional for me. They were all outside at someone's house for a birthday party. The 3 generations of families, along with Nita's Deaf parents, soon got into the debate about cochlear implants, wanting the best for Deaf children and "abuse". It soon looked like every one was ganging up on Peter and Mari for not giving Heather cochlear implants. It felt like the classic "little boy/girl syndrome".

I dunno if you've ever experience that. You go home to your folks, maybe for a visit or whatever. Issues, like deafness, Deaf culture, hearing aids, cochlear implants, sign language and the like, come up. Pretty soon, you're in a deep debate but then you get that feeling where they're kinda like scolding you. It seems like what you do or have done is never right. It seems like their perspectives are right and yours aren't. It seems like you can never get them to understand you or accept you. You constantly feel like a little boy or a little girl in their presence.

There was that moment where the camera was focused on Peter, while his parents, his brother and his sister-in-law was on to him every seconds about these things. He's trying to explain his views but he kept getting interrupted. You could see frustration in his eyes, in his body language and everywhere. It was like...no! no! no! no! no! The little boy syndrome was there.

Anyways, it was an interesting documentary and recommend you to watch it. Don't be surprised to find your blood boiling. Watch it with friends because it's a good discussion to have after the film.


Ta ta for now... Texas, here I come!