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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cliffie's Farewell 

I uploaded pictures from the camera last night and did not see any pictures that KT and I took during Cliff's farewell. I was like, oh no no no!

KT thinks he might've uploaded them into a file before we left for Vegas. I hope so! We'll check it out tonight.

It was a weird feeling to go to a farewell gathering for Cliff, a best friend of mine.

I mean, this is the guy I met at my second semester at Gallaudet, his first. We were both auditioning for a play, Any Number Can Die, to be directed by Angela V. Farrand.

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We both get our respective parts. In this play, Cliff was the murderer and I was his first victim. Anyways, during rehersals, I struck up a conversation with Cliff because he was a flaming queen, even though he was acting like he didn't know it. However, Cliff was shy. So, Andy, another actor, and I were purposely carrying out a conversation in front of Cliff as to determine if he was a top or a bottom. Cliff was like, do you mind? Then, we started talking from there and our friendship bloomed as well.

Then, we both pledged for Alpha Sigma Pi. It was so funny because we both kept this secret from each other. Then, that night we when got picked up for the pledge period, we saw each other and just had to laugh. Thank goodness we had each other because it was such a trying time! However, looking back, it was also such a memorable time at Gallaudet.

Then, not long after we became brothers, we became roommates. Boy, did we learn each other's habits...fast! Overall, we got along well. Cliff was the best roommate I've ever had. We rarely fought or got mad with each other. That was, until I started dating KT, it became World War III. However, we were able to iron out our issues and remained friends.

(It was around this time after we became brothers, that we started to hang out with Kekua. Initially, I didn't like Kekua because, first of all, he was my stuck-up RA. One night, he decided to do room inspection and I KNEW he was targeting me. I had a roommate who was a minor. On my side of the dorm room, I had my little refrigerator. When Kekua flashed the lights to access the room, I opened the door. He made a beeline to the refrigerator. He turned to me and told me to open it. I opened it and in there were my bottles of beer. He said, you have a roommate, who is a minor, therefore, you cannot have alcohol in your room. Please surrender the beer. Oh, I was livid!

Another reason why I didn't like him was because we both liked one guy. He wasn't getting attention from us two, he was getting attention from a lot of other guys as well. However, we just didn't like that this particular guy was getting attention from either one of us.

It all changed that night the pledges became brothers. After celebration, Cliff and I teamed together and bombarded Kekua, who was quite inebriated, if he was a fag like us. After stammering for a few minutes, he finally came out. From there, the 3 of us celebrated and became close friends. Bitchy queens too... Clitch and Witch, remember all those slappings we used to do?)

We did some crazy stuff! We've been in situations where we've had to escape to safety. (Don't ask.) We've laughed to the point where tears were coming out of our eyes or where we were gasping for breaths. We've had some crazy people trying to get into our room and we'd be sitting on our beds, pretending we're not there. If something happened, we'd paged each other like crazy and be like "where the HELL are you? Get over here, now! I hafta tell ya something! Emergency!" In other words, we had a grand time at Gallaudet that we'll never forget!

Life after Gallaudet didn't cease our friendship. We continued to hang out and shared news with each other. Life happened. We got jobs, dated (no, not each other), moved, had bills to pay, dealt with shit, etc. We were still friends.

Well, I was thinking all these things during the farewell. It was weird because all this time, his dreadlocks had been growing. Well, the night of the farewell, he had them chopped off. He reminded me of that young Cliff that I first met.

First, we started off with dinner at Dakota Cowgirl, formerly Hamburger Mary's. It was good to see a good turnout, wishing Cliff well in his future endeavors. Afterwards, we headed up to Titans for drinks and a chance to spend those last moments with Cliff. I think there was a bigger turnout then.

After the gathering, KT and I drove Cliff to pick up his luggages. He stayed overnight with us, since we both had to get up early in the morning to fly out to our respective destinations. At DCA, I just gave him a long hard hug and wished him well before we went our ways.

Well, it's been more than a week since he left for Arizona. It is weird, knowing that he's no longer close by. Although, I know we'll keep in touch regularly via AIM or text messages. We've been doing that, even when he was living in town.

Ah well, Kekua and I will just have to make do with ourselves.

I just hope that Cliff will enjoy himself and feel "at home" in Arizona. I wish him well in his future!

Shenananananananah! Get in touch! *wink*

ta ta...

(Hopefully, I'll be able to locate the pictures and post them.)