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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Control Room 

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Control Room was an interesting documentary on the Al Jazeera and their reporting of the American war on Iraq. It's kinda like "a day in the life of ..." The documentary started off with Bush's announcement of the imminent war on Iraq and ended with the "dethroning" of the statue of Saddam Hussein.

It's interesting that Al Jazeera is relatively new, founded in 1996. Initially, it was the most controversial news channel that was banned in most Arab countries. Now, it's the most popular news channel.

If you see this film, you're gonna see some gruesome scenes where the media shows dead or injured bodies of American soldiers and Iraqis. You're gonna see idiotic remarks by Bush and, especially, Rumsfeld. You're gonna see different perspectives. You're also gonna see our own American reporters frustrated by the vague answers given by the military.

There was a statement made that hit me like a brick thrown to my face. I mean, I knew it but I guess that sometimes some things need to be said to remind us of reality. One Arab reporter said something like, "we know that the United States is the most powerful country in the world and we're just a small country." Another Arab asked, "who will stop the United States?" The Arab reporter replied, "only the United States can stop the United States." So true, right? It is time for Bush to be impeached!!!

I recommend this documentary because you're gonna be surprised by what you see. You're gonna ask yourself "why didn't I know about this?" You're gonna tell yourself "boy, was I fooled!"

You've been feed what the American media wants to tell you. It's time to see the other side of the picture. So, check it out!


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This particular ad on the billboard in São Paulo was taken down because the government considered it inappropriate. Heck, the fact that it was put up in the first place is fantastic. I'd like to see this ad posted in America!


Gay activists in Boise, Idaho affixed stickers, "Heterosexuals Only" on bus benches and water fountains in protest of the proposed amendment banning same-sex marriages. Activists say that the stickers were used to remind the public of past discrimination, "Whites Only" and "Colored Only".


I guess the ban on funeral protesting is working because Fred Phelps and his minions stated that they have ceased to do so...momentarily.


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