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Monday, March 20, 2006

Movie & Book Reviews 

I will talk about Las Vegas soon. I wanted to post this entry and Cliff's farewell before I do one about Las Vegas. Plus, I gotta upload some pictures from the camera.

Memoirs of a Geisha started off great and interesting. However, towards the end, it just kinda dragged on and on about traditions and her attempts to get the man Sayuri really wanted. You could learn all about geisha and their culture and training within the first half of the book. Now, I'm not so sure if I really wanna see the movie.

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Pi was an odd movie to begin with. However, I just could not sit through the movie to the end. I just had to stop it! The movie just could not hold my attention. Anyone else see this movie?

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I liked The Living End. It's a film about 2 guys, Jon and Luke. Jon is a writer. Luke is a hustler, a bad boy with a leather jacket. Jon just discovered that he is HIV+. Jon goes out driving and tries to figure out what to do next with his life. Luke gets in trouble with some guys and escapes, which he ends up in front of Jon's car in the street. He jumps in and tells Jon to drive off.
So, here they meet and fall in love. Jon discovers that Luke is HIV+ as well. Luke tells Jon that they gotta grab life "by the balls". So, they go on a road trip. At various stops, Luke causes trouble, like robbing stores or whatnots. They escape. Jon gets upset and Luke comforts him and they'll be ok again. Then, the pattern occurs again.
At the end, Jon has had enough of Luke's antics. Before Jon leaves, Luke puts them in a dangerous situation. When it's over, Jon slaps Luke and walks away. However, in a moment, Jon returns and stays with Luke.
It's an interesting but cheap movie. It's grainy in some parts. The black-outs/fade-outs are too long, where it'll make you wonder if the movie is over or not. One thing that made me vee this movie is that Luke always has a cigarette in his mouth. He doesn't smoke. He just likes having one in his mouth.

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Sometimes I like foreign movies because you get to see or learn some things that you don't see in American films. However, there are times when I don't like foreign films because they can drag on forever or the movie will end abruptly and you'll be like, what was the fucking point of the movie?!?!

Well, Osama fell into that "what was the fucking point?!?" category. I can't remember where the movie is set...either Iraq or Afganistan. Anyways, the Taliban has taken control and is monitoring people. A girl and her widowed mother both lose their jobs at a hospital after the Taliban has closed it. The grandmother and the mother discuss a solution of how to bring bread on the table. They concluded that the girl could be made to look like a boy and find work.

After her hair has been cut, she's been named Osama. She finds work with a man who owns a little store. She stirs heated milk. One day, the Taliban rounds up all the boys to train them for the military and Osama has no choice but to go.

She learns the Koran and rituals reserved for males, including ablutions for wet dreams. During this one particular ritual training, an older male comments that she looks like a nymph. After that, the boys tease her about being a girl, which she vehemently denies. There's only one other boy who knows her true identity, Espandi. He joins in and defends her. He tells her to prove herself, she should climb a tree. She climbs but she cannot get down.

As a punishment from the men, they suspend her in an underground well. She cries out for her mother. After the punishment is over, they pull her out. However, during this punishment, she had started her period. So, when she was pulled out, you could see blood flowing down to her feet. Her identity is exposed. She's forced to wear a burka and is taken to an Islamic court.

She's forgiven by the court but has been given to an older cruel man for marriage. She's taken to a house, filled with other women who are also married to the man. The man locks them in the house. He just comes and goes, usually for sex, whenever he feels like it. One night, he comes and consumate with Osama. Then, it was over.

Again, what was the fucking point?

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I'm currently reading Eldest, the second book of the Inheritance trilogy. I like it, although not as much as the first book. I'll let you know when I'm done with it.

ta ta for now...