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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week was spent at a conference, Revolutions in Sign Language Studies: Linguistics, Literature, Literacy, at Gallaudet University.

Linguistics, Wednesday's focus, was a bit dry for many of us, except for those with a love for linguistics, particularly neuro-linguistics.

Literature was better, although it was more of a review for me and other graduate students of ASL & Deaf Studies as Drs. Ben Bahan and Dirksen Bauman lectured.

There was a performance night on Thursday. I guess I might have had high expectations for performances. I really wasn't impressed with any of the performances there, except Bridget Klein's, which she paid a memorial tribute to Facundo Montenegro, who passed away from lung cancer in November.

Friday was really interesting as some of the lectures, such as by Raychelle Harris and Dr. MJ Bienvenu, were on academic ASL. This is a breakthrough as various Deaf- & ASL-related fields and departments are working towards higher expectations of their students and instructors to conduct lectures, tests and "papers", via video, in academic ASL.

I loved it when Raychelle Harris addressed that stereotype that Deafies have fourth grade reading skills and everything else that is at the fourth grade level. She said, it's really the teachers that have fourth grade signing skills. You can say that again!

Oh, I could just go on and on but better save that for my paper as I need to do one about the conference for a class.


News of the Day:

Christian group boycotts Wal-Mart for the sale of Brokeback Mountain. Christian group says Wal-Mart is becoming too worldly.


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