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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Sea Tarantula 

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Vee? This creature was discovered last year by French researchers in the South Pacific. It's been named "Kiwa hirsuta". A new family was created for this creature - Kiwaidae (in honor of the Polynesian goddess of shellfish, Kiwa). Hirsuta - hirsute, hairy. So, hairy shellfish.

To me, when viewing the picture, it just looks like a flea or a louse that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Then, I just reach back and scratch!


5 soldiers have been charged with aggrevated battery for beating up a gay man, David Bennett, outside a gay bar in Savannah, GA.

What's worse is that there were other people spectating but did nothing. The victim was barely conscious and lying in his pool of blood.

But then, I thought, if I saw someone being beat up by 5 guys, would I intervene? I'd probably would scream my lungs off like the queen I am and point out other people's attention to the incident. Would our reaction be different if the victim was a woman or a child? Would we jump in, regardless who is the "beater" or how many are ganging up on the victim? Didn't this man deserved help from the public? Would you have jumped in to save this man?


Well, ta ta for now...