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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Animated Ads 

On Tuesday, I heard about the animated tunnel advertisements that Metro riders could see.

I didn't see one until yesterday. Pretty neat!

It's the latest effort by the Metro to boost revenue. They expect to generate about $100,000 for this fiscal year, which ends in June. Next year, they hope to earn about $700K, which will increase in the years to come.

Metro's previous efforts, such as the train & bus wraps, have not been successful. It costed the advertiser $14,000 just to wrap a rail car.

The animated ads were developed by Submedia LLC. However, the Metro isn't the first transit system to use this technology. MARTA (Atlanta), PATH (NY & NJ) & CTA (Chicago) also have used the animated ads.


Deafie on TV:
Usually, when a Deafie is expected to appear on TV, forwarded emails are spread like a wildfire. However, I've received nothing in regards to a Deafie appearing on NBC's Conviction, this coming Friday.

A brief summary of the episode, "Madness":

Desmond spends time working in a psychiatric ward. Peluso is pressured by his newly reunited girlfriend. Finn is loaned out to a cruel prosecutor. Cabot is pressured to hire an image consultant. Potter fills in for Desmond on a bail reduction case with terrible results. Rossi deals with a family battle concerning a deaf girl's boyfriend stabbing her father.

I just happened to know about this because I saw a preview of it, while watching Law & Order: SVU.


MSNBC.com featured an article of a parents' praise of their son's cochlear implant.

Some of the comments in there...ugh, gag me with a spoon, please!


Anticipating the arrival of the bird flu on American soil, the government has recommended to cook chicken, at least, at 165 degress. They say that 165 degrees is more than adequate to kill the bird flu.

Bird flu is expected to arrive in America later this year.

Meanwhile, cats are believed to somehow play a part in spreading bird flu. Therefore, it is suggested to keep cats indoors.


ta ta for now...