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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Broken Window 

Yesterday, after work, KT and I metro'd to Naylor Station, where we parked our car. From there, we drove home. We parked, got out, collected our things and headed to our house.

I'm inserting the key to get in. KT tapped me on the shoulder to direct my attention to the little kitchen window. Half the window was gone. (It's 2 little windows, where you can slide one behind the other.) There were a few shards of glass lying on the front porch. Obviously, it had to be a really skinny person. Then, I noticed that a chair was moved. On the porch, we have 2 wooden chairs and a table. You can relax on the porch on a really nice day. Anyways, the chair was moved to the window. I'm guessing one got on the chair to help him/herself through the window.

We got in the house and made a beeline to the kitchen. The other half of the window is there, with glass shards everywhere, on the floor and on the window sill. We didn't see anything that was used to break the window, like a rock or anything.

Next, we decided to look around to see what was taken. First thing we noticed was that they took the laptop and the digital camera, which was in the dining room. The first thing we thought of was the pictures. We had about 3 or 4 years worth of pictures. KT and I had JUST talked about needing to burn them on CD's, in case something had happened to the computer. Well, that's all gone now.

We noticed, in the entertainment center in the living room, about half of our DVD movie collection were stolen. The individual movies were stolen, like Crash, Bear Cub, Beaches, etc. The DVD sets were not stolen, like Six Feet Under, Superman and Wonder Woman (whew!). It seemed that the theif (or theives) just took an armful and rushed out.

We went upstairs. Our bedroom was a mess. Our dresser and nightstands were ransacked. Our piggy banks were emptied. Now, despite of it all, you just gotta laugh. They stole pennies. Our mattress were moved. Obviously, they were looking for money. Thank goodness that we aren't those kind of people that hide money in socks or under mattresses.

Oh, they did steal more DVD's upstairs.

They also went through the dresser in the guest room.

We went downstairs to call the police, via VP. However, I noticed I couldn't get a signal. I assumed the modem was stolen. So, I called via AIM.

While waiting for the police, KT theorized that it had to be a teenager(s). Our laptop was stolen but didn't take the cord for it. Our digital camera and docket were stolen but didn't take the cord for it. They stole the cord for the modem but didn't still the modem. KT connected the laptop cord into the modem and got the VP to work.

We noticed that the burglar got out through the front window in the living room because the screen was moved up.

The police came, with a ride-a-long, who expressed an interest to join the force. Of course, there was no interpreter, even though we asked for one. So, we wrote notes back and forth. He basically wrote up a report and gave us a case/claim number.

I was like, is that all? Aren't you gonna go in and inspect? He nodded and came in. Took out his flashlight and looked at the broken window. He also inspected the areas where our things were stolen. He said there were no visible prints and that there was nothing else he could do. Off he went.

That's all?!? I had asked the police about the broken window. He just said to trash it and get a replacement asap.

We called Jon, who had previously owned our house. We were like, do do window? Go to Home Depot? He said our window is not of a standard size, which means that the replacement would have to be custom-ordered. The best thing we could do, at the moment, was to board it up. So, he came over and helped us board it up.

Jon noticed something that we didn't catch before. Our pillowcases were gone. So were the ones in the guest room. They were used to collect the stolen stuff.

Then, KT called the insurance and gave the claim number. They were really nice and told us the steps that we needed to do.

Overall, we were a mixture of emotions. We were pissed. We were worried. We were scared. We were everything else.

I'm just really suspicious of everyone in the neighborhood. The thief had the fucking balls to break in, in broad daylight!

We're ok. The cats are ok. They're alert and jumpy, especially Tigger. We're thankful that no one was hurt or anything. We're thankful that most of these things are replaceable...except for the photos.

The house is a mess. It'll prolly stay messy until the weekend.

We're trying to move on, even though this is the last thing we needed on our plates as we're nearing graduation. I told KT that I want black bars added to the windows. I definitely don't feel safe anymore. They say that once a house has been broken in, it usually doesn't get robbed again. That still doesn't consolate me. Right now, I'm thinking...are they breaking in again? Black bars are a must!

I wish we had a pitbull or two!

I wish we had hidden cameras!

I wish we had secret traps with spikes (think Indiana Jones) and electric windows!

I wish we had ninjas hidden in the house!

Ah well, it'll be some time before I can relax, if ever. I really am trying to move on. I'm still reeling with a mixture of emotions but cannot really vent it all out. My mind is still loaded with questions and "if only"'s.

Oh yeah, my cloves cigarettes and lighter were stolen too.