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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Deaf News 

Denver, CO - House Representative Mark Larson, who wears a hearing aid, endorsed a bill regarding interpreting for the Deaf in courts, which was voted 9-0.

Deaf people usually have to wait hours and hours before finally getting an interpreter. With the bill passed, courts must provide interpreters, computer translators and listening devices for any parties or jurors in both civil and criminal proceedings.

The Colorado Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing would have to write up a detailed listing of rules on interpreting.

Since this article is really short, I assumed that the courts had a contract with an outside agency. I assumed that with the bill passed, the courts must have their own in-house interpreters. I'll need to get more infomation on this.


Corpus Christi, TX - The Corpus Christi Area Council for the Deaf has been vandalized, the second time this month. The Council must come up with $1,000 to replace the 6 energy efficient windows, which were initially donated.


Rochester, NY - A Deaf student, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Sorkin, becomes the first Deaf person to become the student body president of a predominantly hearing school. In this case, RIT. Supposedly, she's also the first in the country.


Fayette County, PA - A Deaf woman, Carol McGavitt, left Wednesday morning for a walk at 9 and has yet returned.