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Friday, April 07, 2006

Four Brothers 

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Four Brothers was an interesting action-packed movie. However, it ran a bit too long, thus degrading it from being a "great" movie.

It's about four men, 2 whites and 2 blacks, that were fostered/adopted together. When their mother was brutally shot to death at the local convenience store, the four brothers banded together to avenge her death. While avenging their mother's death, the brothers discovered that 1 of them is hiding something from them. The trust in family is questioned.

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Mark Walberg certainly does look older here. He no longer has that 'Marky Mark' youthful look.

ta ta for now... I'm off trying my damnest sending a stupid file attachment to someone who will sub for me tomorrow. KT and I are both sick. Waaah!