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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Immigration & DeafDC & Gas 

I've pretty much remained mum on this whole immigration thing. At this point, with school, work and internship, I'm just not in the mood to deal with drama that may ensue from this.

However, I have to applaud Mark Ledbetter's letter to the Washington Post Express in regards to the immigration measure:

The idea that illegal aliens, specifically Latinos, are a national security risk is just plain dumb, and least of all, racist. Most Latinos are fleeing insecurity. Also, most just want to work. Why would a Latino try to destabilize the U.S. if he or she is seeking both personal and economic security? Latinos are by far our best allies in the war against terrorism because they fully understand the ugly reality of the effect that economic, social and political instability has on one's personal life. Those against the illegals should speak the truth; they are against them because they are different. That is discrimination in heart, and racism towards a group that includes legals and illegals.


Once again, for the third time, DeafDC.com's blog has appeared in the Blog Log of the Washington Post Express. This particular blog entry is about some Gallaudet students' lack of sportsmanship towards the visiting students of RIT/NTID during the recent BrickFest event.



$3 dollars a gallon for gas!

I'm gonna be talking like an old geezer:

"I remember when I was a teen, gas used to be under a dollar a gallon!"