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Monday, April 24, 2006

Silent Hill 

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I read online for reviews of Silent Hill. They were mixed. Most of them gave the movie an A-. I thought that had to be pretty good.

So, Saturday, KT and I went to Silver Spring.

Oh, we had actually wanted to go to Alexandria, VA. The theatre there is actually closer to us than Silver Spring. However, Kingstowne Theatre kept hanging up on Relay. They hung up on us 8 times! I was so mad! I called the theatre in Silver Spring, since they're both under the same company, and told them to call Kingstowne that a Deaf person is calling through Relay and to stop hanging up on me.

I called back Kingstowne and finally got through. I asked to speak with the manager and explained the whole thing to him. He was very helpful and said he'd follow up with his employees. He'll be sending us a free pass for both of us. Yay!

Unfortunately, they weren't captioning Silent Hill, according to the infomation I got from DeafDC.com. Good thing I double-checked.

So, I called the theatre in Silver Spring to make sure that the caption disc had, indeed, arrived. There were a couple of times when KT and I went there for a captioned movie, only to discover that the caption disc hadn't arrived on time. They confirmed it had arrived.

So, we metro'd there instead of driving up as usual. Hey, gas is expensive these days! We got our tickets and display panel for the rear window captions. We're settled and waiting for the movie.

We were just excited because KT and I love to play the Silent Hill games. Ok, KT plays most of it, while I just scream my head off whenever something just suddenly appears on the screen. Hey, it's that scary!

Then, the movie started...and ended.

Hmm, we were both disappointed. I guess we had high expectations of the movie. I had read that the scare factor was really good. There was no scare factor. I had a mini-jump from one of the scenes but that was it.

Monsters were plenty in the video games. There were few in the movie and not a lot of fighting scenes against them. In the video game, Rose, the protagonist, searches everywhere for clues and finds all kinds of weapons and ammunitions to battle the monsters. However, in the movie, she's a mother looking for her adopted daughter, Sharon, but doesn't carry any weapons. There's a female cop in the movie that does the shooting.

So, what did I like about the movie? I liked the opening introduction into Silent Hill. I liked the various scenes in Silent Hill. KT and I would be telling each other, "yes, I remember this from the video game". I liked how they changed scenes of the alternate world from the real world. I thought that was creative. I liked how clues were strategically placed throughout the movie. I liked how home videos were used to show what happened in the past in Silent Hill, just like in the games.

The ending was interesting because it was different. Some viewers might find the ending scenes a bit gory for them.

The way the movie ended, you could tell they left it open for a possible sequel.

So, I'd give this movie a B/B-. It's still an enjoyable movie to watch. It did open as the top weekend movie with $20.2 million. I guess I just need to stop having high expectations for movies.