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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


What do I talk about?

What do I talk about?

Oh yeah, Gnarly has been making plans to go to Turkey. However, she has not been having luck with organizations to make donations for her interpreters. So, she's asking for donations from us. The interpreters are willing to go at a reduced rate from $24,000 to $5,000. If you want to donate, her blog has a "Make a Donation" button.

If anyone knows Patty Raswat, I believe she'll be the person that could help Gnarly for any resources in Turkey. Patty spent a considerable amount of time, researching on Deaf Turkish history. Her presentation was very interesting!

Unfortunately, I don't have her e-mail address. If anyone does, please connect her with Gnarly.

What else?

What else?

Oh yeah. Seriously, I cannot wait for the Gallaudet Presidential Search to be over. Yeah, a lot of people are bitching about Jane, Ron and Stephen. Seems Jane is a big no-no among the student body. Her husband, Jim, who teaches Communication Studies courses at Gallaudet, has defended Jane against the bickerings.
There's a split support for Ron and Stephen. I really do not know Ron Stern, except that I am familiar with 2 of his children, Louise and Shoshanna, who is that Deaf actress that currently appears on Weeds.
Stephen...I've seen him around on campus. I keep hearing that him and his brother, Fred, are like the smartest guys on campus and they have a plethora of contacts.

By the way, "apathy" is starting to be an overused word on campus. I'm sick of students trying to guilt-trip others and pointing them out to be apathetic. Perhaps we would all like to be involved. Perhaps there are other good and acceptable reasons why some students cannot get involved. Plus, timing is a factor with the semester coming to a close. Some of us are preparing for graduation and have to really finish our papers and projects so that we can march across the stage. Some of us have other duties that take priority over pep rallies or whatever related to the presidential search. So, stop trying to guilt-trip others because obviously it ain't working. If you wanna get involved and burn your bra or whatever you do to show support or protest, then get involved.

Ok, let's see, what else?

I saw Mean Creek.

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Eh, it was ok. It's about a group of kids, going on a boat trip on a creek. These kids had a hidden agenda against a fat kid, who has taunted and bullied them. They planned to have him strip naked in the middle of the creek and make him run back home in his birthday suit. However, things go wrong and someone dies. The gang has to figure out what to do next. Report to the authorities and tell the truth or cover up and lie about it?

What else? What else?

I so cannot wait to see Silent Hill in May!!!!!!

Anything else to share? Hmmm...

Let's see...

I guess that's it for now. Ta ta!